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The Top Ten Questions You Should Never Answer

The inspiration for this list came from observing everyday life and watching others fall into a dark pit for no other reason than attempting to answer a dangerous, politically incorrect or impossible question. Top Ten Questions You Should Never Answer 10 If you are asked, “How do I look?” do not answer the question. If […]

Stream Of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt – “ay”

It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday again. This week we have a new badge which was established by pitting several bloggers against each other in mortal combat. It was agreed in advance the last one standing would establish the badge for the rest. Since all manners of contests cause me to break out in a […]

The Offer (TPL Story)

Originally posted on The Punchy Lands!:
This following story took place before my adventures with King Arthur at his castle. The twirly fighting stuff and getting knocked out, I suppose. Mr. Howell and I went to see Mr. Manahanny. And this is what happened. *** So, this professor went with John W. Howell to see…

Should You Give Up Writing?

I’ve always found the different ways that we scribblers describe our experiences with writer’s block very interesting. Also the different ways the seasoned writers suggest getting over it. Some suggestions are to work around your block, or force yourself to write through it, even if what you write is rubbish. Other advice is to write…

Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

It is Wednesday story time again. Last week we left Bob and his mother in a pretty dark place. Bob had just threatened to choke his mom and she taunted him with the words, “you don’t have the guts.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that was a wise thing to do. […]

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt Fly/FLies/Flew/Flu/Flue

  It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday again and this week’s prompt is Fly/Flies/Flew/Flu/Flue. If you would like to participate, visit Linda Hill at Here is my interpretation. Fly/Flies/Flew/Flu/Flue by John W. Howell When flies flew down the flue, I could not fly with fly flu.

Plundering the Romance Novel by Ionia Martin

Originally posted on readful things blog:
If you should feel so inclined to purchase Description: A silly, satirical romp into the land of romance novels and pirate adventures, full of romance clichés and humour. This book is a short novella, just over 10k words. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds and…


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