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Gulf Coast in November

Gulf Coast in November

I was taking the dogs for a walk on the beach yesterday morning and noticed off in the distance a couple walking.  Since this is not tourist season here on the Gulf Coast, there are very few people walking.  A couple strolling would not go unnoticed.  When I first spotted them, I could not tell which direction they were going.  For a minute it looked like they were walking away from me, and then I saw the bill on one of the walker’s hat as he or she turned to look at the other.  This gave me the hint that they were walking towards me.  This is good, I thought to myself.  My curiosity was raised since this couple does not seem to be talking or interacting in any way.  They are still pretty far down the beach so getting subtle clues as to how they are relating to each other is not really possible.  It is clear that they are walking pretty far apart and other than the one look earlier, there doesn’t seem to be any other glances.  I immediately start to make up a story (which I guess is why I write stories).   I make them married and they have come to the beach in the off-season to work out some thorny details in their relationship.  The guy is a big exec with a major company and the woman has a career of her own.  I now see that they are walking and pumping their arms so I surmise they are on a power walk. I go back to the story and fill in that they are in their mid-forties and in very good shape.  I think I will have the guy profoundly guilty over an affair with a young thing in the office.  I will make the woman the injured party who believes that the worst sin of the affair is not the act itself, but how it makes her look to her friends and co-workers.  This will be a tough one to forgive.  As we start to close the distance some more I can verify that the couple is not talking. I invent some dialog that took place before what is turning out to be a furious walk.  This conversation takes place back at the condo while they are getting ready:

She; “You could have had at least the decency to be discreet.”

He; “So it would be okay if nobody knew?”

She; “Okay that’s it!  I’m not talking to you anymore.”

So out they go and start what will probably be the fastest walk on record.  As I get to a point where I can almost see their faces I can’t make out much.  Each seemed to be intent on the walking task and not much more.  So far my story was holding up.  I needed to move a little further away from the water because it looked like this couple will not be moving out-of-the-way of my two Boxers and a Silky Terrier and we were on a collision course.  As I angled up closer to the dune, I got a real good look at the couple.  I was right about male and female but dead wrong about the ages.  The woman looked to be about twenty-three or four and the man clearly in his seventies.  I would say a father daughter outing which would pretty much explain the no talk feature.  Of course, I could be wrong and it just might be a billionaire and his wife.  They were newly married and having their first fight over a major misunderstanding.

 I then thought of more to the story; the young wife has found out that the old billionaire’s previous four wives all came to unfortunate ends and he doesn’t seem to be too concerned that she knows.   Stop already!   Okay one more thing; the young wife has called in a private investigator from a firm named Knuckles Inc. 



  1. Love it. I love people watching and giving them a great story to reside in. “Knuckles Inc.” Sweet. 🙂

    1. Thank you. Your opinion really counts given the quality of your writing. Can’t wait for your next post.

      1. You are very kind. Many thanks 🙂

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