Shiver is as Shiver Does

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The weather has taken a turn for the cool.  There is an arctic front that has passed through South Texas sent by the Russians (or maybe the folks from Minnesota).   In any case, today’s high is only supposed to go into the low-sixties and to us island dwellers it is COLD.  It is all relative I know, but when the thermometer drops below seventy degrees we get, what is referred to around here as the blue knee.  It is a condition that affects folks wandering around in shorts when the wind chill is something like fifty degrees.  Oh…I forgot to mention the wind is coming out of the North at forty miles per hour.  So the thermometer is at sixty and it feels like forty on your exposed skin.  So why is the skin exposed?  That is a real good question. 


It harkens back to the time when the settlers (who were mostly from the northern states) first landed on this island.  They came in the summer and the daytime temperature was around one hundred and three.  Unfortunately the settlers did not bring enough food so they had to pretty much try to grow, catch or make do with what they had.  It seems one of the crafty ones figured out how to make a fancy stew out of winter clothes.  So the rest of the story; the settlers actually ate their warm clothing. To this day, no self-respecting islander would dare put on a winter coat for fear someone would think they were being disrespectful to the ancient settlers.  Gloves and long pants are out as well, as is any type of shoe but a flip-flop.  Visitors to our island seem to join in the ritual and immediately throw off anything warm and seem to be convincing themselves that scantily clothed in sixty degree temperature is somehow warmer than being fully wrapped up in thirty-two degrees.  Lucky for all of us this problem goes away in twenty-four hours.

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