Wonder is as Wonder Does


The weather in South Texas took a turn to the cold at the beginning of the week.  Cold being defined as in the forties from previous seventy degree highs.  A couple of things happen when this time of year comes around.  The first is; we all wrap up like we live in the Yukon.  Dressed in hats, gloves, mukluks, and down filled coats we hit the beach to walk the dogs dressed like we have an appointment to compete in the Iditarod.  All the winter Texans (from up Nowth) look at us full timers as if we have lost our minds.  They are standing in water up to their knees with no more than light sweatshirts casting into the freezing surf. (uh by freezing I mean sixty degrees)  I guess below zero weather gets you primed for the light stuff.


The second; we all start praying that our precious sun and heat have not been consumed by the latest global warming phenomenon.   We swear we will never complain about the summer time one hundred degree days ever again.  We light incense and whatever else we have handy and hope for the best.  Whatever we do seems to work and before we know it the seventy degree days return and we completely forget all the promises we made while shivering in the cold.


As a fiction writer, I often wonder what the first humans thought when there were changes in the weather.  I can envision an early human standing around in his summer animal skin when a blast of cold air comes whipping through.  Ugh’s (what his mate calls him) thoughts at that moment may go something like this:


Holy bat cave droppings, what that feeling up my stand up and running things? Me think bright hot ball has dropped into drinking pond. Should start hot cooking burning thing and pull on big snarling hairy thing. Maybe go in cave but big snarling hairy thing won’t let go Ugh’s grabbing and holding thing. Ugh need new wardrobe since world has come to end.


I have also wondered about the first person to take a drink of cow’s milk, as well as, who came up with the idea to collect the steam off of boiling Agave plants to make Tequila.  You have to admit these people were brave geniuses. 


I am not sure normal people have these thoughts but I find them useful as a way to create different stories out of virtually nothing.  I guess today’s blog is a prime example or maybe it is creating nothing out of a different story.



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