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Kristy Gillespie nominated me for four awards:  If you haven’t gone there yet, please do. She has an engaging Blog which is entitled Keep Calm and Write on. The title alone gets the heart rate to calm down. I have enjoyed her particular choice of subjects and really like her feature What Caught My Senses This Week. If this is the only blog of hers you can catch please do, because it is a delightful review of some the best things published for the week. She is also featuring guest authors which is another great item to catch (Full disclosure warning. I was one of them), Kristy asks some really good questions and when you walk away after the interview you get the feeling you just had your soul cleaned and pressed.

The awards? What does it matter. The point is Kristy is a very unique person who really cares for her fellow bloggers and does so with the highest level of professionalism. Well okay here they are: Inner Peace Award, Liebster Blog Award, Super Sweet Blogging Award, Very Inspiring Blogger Award. All these awards have some special conditions attached.


inner-peace-awardVery Inspired Blogger Award

I have been honored in the past so I would like to simply  answer questions posed by Kristy:

1. North or South? Oh this one is a no brainer. I like the North side of the South

2. East or West? Really like the West. Lived in both and think the west is best (oops)

3. What is the silliest baby name you’ve heard recently? Dannon Yogurt

4. Salt or sugar? Boy. Almost depends on what I’m drinking. Wine – salt, Beer – salt, Margareta – salt, water – salt, coffee – sweet. I guess given the amounts of each consumed salt wins

4. What is your idea of a perfect day? To write my ass off, sit on the front veranda in the cool ocean breeze, drink a Margareta and try to explain to my wife what I did all day.

5. City or country? I live in a remote town of 4000; so country, but I love big cities and used to live in them.

6. Roller coast or Ferris wheel? Ferris wheel. Has an element of romance that you don’t find when the kid in front of you lets go of his semi digested corn dog.

7. What was your least favorite subject in school? I have to say Greek Mythology. I was taking it as the same time I was studying the Greek classics. The professor was an ex German spy and demanded that the students memorize details.(to be upchucked on the test) The only details I could remember were so general that they were useless. Final grade D- Final grade in Greek Classics was an A. Go figure

8. What was your favorite subject in school? Finance. Loved it. From the math to the theory. I applied all I learned and made a small fortune. Of course I started with a large fortune at the time. *burr rump bump. Cymbal crash*

9. Do you like answering questions about yourself? Yes I do. It gives me an opportunity to look at how really ridiculous I am.
10. What’s one classic novel you can’t seem to get through? I thought I was going to die getting through Moby Dick but finally did. I think now I could get through anything. “The white whale, the white whale.” For heaven’s sake forget it already.

11. If you could visit the past, what era would you visit? I would love to go back to the early 50’s. I have to assume that I would have all the knowledge I have now right? Well if I could go back I would do a couple of things. 1. I would go visit Ray Kroc and convince him to give up the malted milk machine business and go into farm tractors instead. We would probably have standard corn and wheat but a world without McDonald’s. 2. I would buy every garage in Albuquerque. I would then not lease any to Bill Gates and Paul Allen . It would be hoped that they would eventually tire of working outside and maybe would put together something more user-friendly than Microsoft software. Maybe a tent that could actually be put up.

So that is all I have time for today. Thanks again Kristy and I will get to the nominations sometime. In the meantime, if you want the award please help yourself. Have a great weekend.



  1. The answer to no 4 – awesome! Ha ha. Hello from across the pond!

    1. Always nice to get a hello from civilization. A big hello back!

  2. What a great way to kickstart my day! John, I LOVE your sense of humor. Although I’m sure you’re not kidding at all about #4: that does sound like a perfect day 😉 The best is #11.2. I am so in agreement that Microsoft could be a much better product that it is. Why Gates and his crew never seemed to care is beyond me. Well, maybe they were just more interested in building a monopoly because when people have to use your product, then there’s no incentive to improve. Speaking of which, I’m off now to my job where I have to work with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SQL Server 2005 … fun times ahead. TGIF!!

    1. In my work life I negotiated terms and conditions for a major product launch using Microsoft development. Thought I was going to die. In the end it all came together, but what a battle. Have a good day with SQL (ugh spit)

  3. You have a very interesting lifestyle, even if your wife wonders what you do all day. People don’t realize how much work is involved in thinking for many of us. Great humorous post!

  4. Kristy’s blog is one of my hands-down favorites to follow. Her weekly ‘What Caught My Senses’ is my favorite post every single week. I love her!

  5. Kristy is great, John. Congrats on your awards.

  6. I like the answer to number 6. Congratulations on all your awards John, you’ll be a world famous blogger soon.

    1. Funny I was thinking of putting up a “No Awards-Trespassers will be Prosecuted” sign. But then sometimes they are fun to complete.

      1. You might have to soon or it will become a full-time occupation, LOL.

  7. Thanks so much for the shout out, John! One of my 6th graders told me he was reading “Moby Dick” and asked if it was a true story. I said “Keep reading and you’ll find out.” I haven’t read it nor do I particularly want to read about the white whale! 😉

  8. Reblogged this on Keep Calm and Write On and commented:
    Shout out from John W. Howell!

    1. Thank you for the reblog.

  9. […] Author John W. Howell Gave Me a Shout Out-  Very […]

    1. Thanks. This is the best place.

  10. You’re so ambitious…changing the landscape of McMicrosoft, and all. You’d be a meddlar, never be able to follow the Star Trek prime directive, that’s for sure. Vonnegut’s last book, Timequake, was about something like that…time having a hiccup, and eveybody having to go back and live the past couple of decades over again…marrying the wrong people again, betting on the wrong horses again, as he put it. Not much of a believer in free will, I’m thinking.

    1. You make me laugh so hard I need to excuse myself

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