Friday Feature: An Interview with John W. Howell

Marie Ann Bailey was kind enough to interview me and her site deserves a visit. She has a number of interesting things going on there. (More than interviewing me). Check it out.


Welcome to an interview with John W. Howell, author of a new novel (working title:  My GRL) soon to be published by Martin Sisters Publishing.  John is also an editor at The Community Storyboard, a student of the haiku, a short story writer when he is not writing haikus or working on his next novel, and is my “partner in crime” in producing a weekly Top Ten List of Things Not To Do at both his blog, Fiction Favorites, and my own, 1WriteWay.  John worked for 40-plus years in the private sector world before taking up writing full-time and is currently undergoing “margarita therapy” in an effort to overcome the unpleasant memories he has from that long, painful experience.

M:  John, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed.  Of course, I wanted to return the favor since you had interviewed me not too long ago. …

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  1. Actually, I would argue that one of The most interesting things I’ve done is interview you 🙂 And it’s also one of the most fun. Thanks for the reblog, too 😉


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