Rosie Amber’s A to Z Challange and Stephen C Spencer Campaign



Rosie Amber – An English Author Who supports other Writers and who also Writes Book Reviews is doing a wonderful thing on her support of the A to Z Challenge. She is featuring a book a day the title or author’s name begins with the letter for the day. Here is a link to the letters A through K. Here is her post on the letter L. 

I am happy she is featuring My GRL under the letter M. You can visit her blog HERE and check out today’s M.

In addition to the A to Z feature, Rosie (who is quite selfless) is also calling for support Operation Mallory, a group of very kind people have been working behind the scenes to re-launch books by author Stephen C Spencer who has cancer. Rosie asks  you to go to her post read it, share it and if possible get involved with the promotion of his books. You never know what the future holds and one day it might be you in need. Go here to read Rosie’s post:

So I’m helping spread the word, here is a link to Sean Campbell’s blog where news of the campaign can be found 90 Days Novel. Please help all you can with re-blog, tweet etc. Also her book would be a good idea to get.


Thank you for helping and Thank you Rosie for the feature on My GRL and for  doing everything you can to help authors in every way possible.



  1. Thank you John, I feel very special!


    1. You are very special. 🙂


  2. Thanks for letting me know about this campaign, John.


    1. You are welcome.

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