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I was honored to be included in the Lit World Interviews with Ronovan Writes series.  You will note on the header above, the mission statement of the group is Supporting Authors at Every Step. One visit to the site will give you enough information on how to take advantage of all that is offered there. A click on About Lit World Interviews and you will find a host of information on how to arrange an interview and a visit to the site will introduce you to the other principles of this wonderful place.  The first thing, that will hit you in the eye, is the site dedication. Here it is:

This site is dedicated to:

  • Giving authors an opportunity to let people know more about who they are and what they write
  • Interviews with knowledgeable people in the literary/publishing world
  • Guest articles by authors and those with information authors need to know
  • Notices of upcoming special book promotions by our interviewed authors
  • Articles by Lit World Interviews’ own creative team about writing, publishing and anything else that we find useful to help authors. We are who you are so we know what you are going through.

Go for a visit and get involved with these terrific people. My thanks to Ron of Ronovan Writes for an enjoyable time and to the other principles for their support as well. Click on each  name and visit their personal website as well.

Jo Robinson, Florence Thum, Olga Nunez-Miret, Colleen Cheseboro, Hugh Roberts, and P.S. Bartlett.



  1. This is not a site that I have heard of John but I will be sure to pop over and give it a visit. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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  2. By the way, I also popped over and picked up my copy of your book. Sorry it’s taken me a while 🙂 Might take me even longer to read it but rest assured that I will!


    1. Yay. Thank you, Jade.


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    Rock on Ronovan!


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  5. Great interview, John. You’re always such a good guest.


    1. Thank you Andra.


  6. thanks for the info John. You’re always helpful.


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