Tuesday – Anything Possible – Finger Point Prompt


Twiggy and Lucy

“What is that, Bailey?”
“Could be a bird, a plane. No, it’s a ceiling fan Little Stuff”

As you may know, Keith Channing has taken the month of November to craft another Na-No-Wri-Mo 50,000 word novel. So again today I am promptless. GP Cox came up with a solution. He more or less said, “Why don’t you point a finger at a spot in a book and use that as a prompt.” He recalled a prompt on a Steam of Conscious Saturday where Linda Hill proscribed just that prompt method.

So thank you, GP Cox. Here it goes. I’m opening L is for Lawless by Sue Grafton and putting my finger on a page. It is page 143 and my finger sits on the phrase, I picked up the five and held it closer. This is the prompt today.

The five by John W. Howell © 2018

“Why are you sitting all alone?”

“Why not? I don’t know anyone here.”

“The idea was for you to go out and make friends.”

“So why are you here?”

“I wanted to make sure you would be okay.”

“I’m okay. I just don’t have anything to talk about with these people.”

“I don’t get that. You are surrounded by a number of folks that are just like you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know. Love comic books and Sci-Fi.”

“I guess that’s what a Comic-Con is all about. I still feel shy.”

“Talk to me. You are sitting here with a cosplay look of The Fly. Hasn’t anyone come up to you to comment on your fabulous costume?”

“Well, yeah they did?”

“They did? What did they say?”

“They thought I looked pretty natural.”

“So what happened? Did you talk to them?”

“A little. Then they got annoying?”

“Annoying? What did they do?”

“Made comments about my proboscis. One said it looked yucky.”

“How many were there?”

“Five in all.”

“So the others were cool, right?”

“Yeah, they were good.”

“So where are they?”

“Well. I picked up the five and held them close.”


“I ate them.”

“Oh no. You said the other four were good.”

“I guess I should have said delicious, but I didn’t want to shock you too quickly.”

“I guess I appreciate that. I think we had better go.”

“Yeah, I need to check my web. Might have caught something.”



  1. Ha! That’s great, John. I was not prepared for that. Good job.

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      1. You’re welcome sir…please kindly follow me back🤗🤗🤗


  2. Excellent and creepy twist.

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    1. Thank you, Charles. Creepy indeed.


    1. Thanks, Jill. 🙂

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  3. Terrific, John. Thanks for the plug too, but I simply reminded you about that talented finger of yours! 🙂

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    1. Ha haha. Thanks, GP.

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  4. Gwen Plano · ·

    …and it started so innocently, pups relaxing in a beautiful home. Goodness, I didn’t expect a nasty spider to appear. Great job, John. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Gwen. 😀

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  5. Love the photo of the fur babies. The classic John Howell twist! I loved this.

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    1. Thank you, Jan. Hard to tell a story without a twist. 😀

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  6. Never poke fun at the proboscis.

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    1. I know right. The irony of a spyder dressing up like a fly. Would be like us getting into a hamburger outfit.

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      1. Great way to sneak up on Wimpy though.

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  7. Frankly, that what I hate about Comic-Con. Some people get SOOOO taken up in their roles. Just once it would be great if Tiny, the WWF wrestler would step out of Kayfab and talk to people rather than bouncing them off the floor.

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    1. The problem with Tiny he only knows one thing. Talking to people isn’t the one.


  8. “Yeah, they were good….” Good TASTING! 😉 Fun stuff, A spider’s gotta do what a spider’s gotta do!

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    1. Dress up like a Fly and get em. This would be like us dressing like a turkey (or some other food) to get prey.

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      1. Buahahahah!!!

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  9. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    Lol! Glad they were tasty and never saw the web part coming.

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    1. Yes. Tasty is a bg part of it.

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  10. What a tangled web you weave, John! 😉

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  11. Times really ARE tough, if spiders have to disguise themselves in order to get a decent meal!

    Creepy twist John!

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    1. Disguise as a fly at that. I know it was creepy. Ha haha. Thaks, Marc

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  12. I didn’t expect that twist, John. Great job! You have an amazing imagination!

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    1. Thak you, Lauren.


  13. Excellent, John. Great ending.

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    1. Thamnk you, Jennie.

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      1. You’re welcome, John.

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