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Reading is as Reading Does

For any of you who will be in Rockport Texas this weekend (and why not); The Rockport Writers Group is hosting its 2nd Annual Rockport Writers Roundup, Saturday, June 15, 2013, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Estelle Stair Gallery  at 406 South Austin Street, Rockport Texas. Ten members of the RWG will […]

Rejection is as Rejection Does

I came across an interesting article while browsing the subject of one book authors.  It is titled; 30 famous authors whose works were rejected (repeatedly, and sometimes rudely) by publishers and authored by Michelle Kerns in 2009 for  As the title suggests; being rejected by publishers is not necessarily the end of the world […]

Beauty is as Beauty Does

While taking a walk yesterday morning with two Boxers and a Silky Terrier,  I could not help trying to capture the morning sun as it was reflected off the Gulf waters.  The header picture is the result.  What is unusual (and the reason for a digression from my normal author profile post) is the fact that there was […]

Tricky is as Tricky Does

Jeffrey Deaver is an American Author of Mystery/Crime fiction.  He is classically educated in journalism and later practiced law while working on his first novel; Manhattan is My Beat the first of The Rune Trilogy.  Deaver is best known for his ten Lincoln Rhyme Novels where Rhyme is a quadriplegic detective and each story ends […]

Thanksgiving Photo

My header picture is of an Egret or Heron (I couldn’t get close enough to tell) taken this week.  Since it is duck hunting season here in South Texas, it seemed to me that the magnificent bird might have taken this position on the beach pole marker thirty-eight to ensure that hunters would not be confused.  […]

Write What You Know

Giles Blunt who created the successful John Cardinal detective series originally worked for twenty years in New York City writing for magazines and television.  He was actually born and raised in a small Ontario city of North Bay. He returned to Canada and began his career as a writer with his first piece of fiction […]