About this blog – I established this blog to provide a forum for the free exchange of information and ideas on the subject of fiction favorites. The primary goal of this blog is to entertain the reader with short items daily. The week has the following structure:

Sunday is a View of the Neighborhood where I present some photos of my community that could be of interest.

Monday is Top Ten Things Not to Do.  A list of stuff that we should never do under the circumstance described.

Tuesday is for Anything Possible and usually is reserved for a story prompt from a fellow blogger named Keith Channing.

Wednesday Story Day is the continuation of a serial

Thursday is A Little Personal. I discuss an item that is personal to me.

Friday is a celebration of the end of the workweek and has a Haiku.

Saturday is a prompt from Linda Hill and is titled Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

I want to make clear that Fiction Favorites is a blog dedicated to humor. The stories are told in dialog without tags so that the reader can become part of the action. Not everyone can read these kinds of stories and appreciate them, but hopefully, you are one that can.

About the header picture – It changes from time to time.  It is currently an image of the front cover of my latest book Eternal Road – The final stop, which was launched on August  23rd, 2020. The image was created by Marcia Meara.

About your comments – They can be seen by clicking on the comment section of a particular subject.  Please feel free to leave a comment.  If you don’t want others to see it, please mark it private otherwise, I will assume it is okay to post.  I have also added a comments section on the front page so that the last five comments are visible. If you don’t see yours, please go to the individual post, and it should be there.

About John W Howell – I have been working in business for over forty years and now have the time to work in special areas of interest. My passion has always been to create compelling stories of fiction. I have authored five novels. The first novel is still in manuscript form and is a doorstop in the laundry room. The second is a fiction thriller novel titled My GRL and has been launched by Martin Sisters Publishing. I launched my third novel in October of 2105, titled His Revenge. My fourth is titled Our Justice and is available on Amazon. The fifth is in the editing stage and titled Circumstances of Childhood. I also write short stories and have had a number published. My short story Cold Night Out won an honorable mention in the Writers Digest Popular Fiction Contest. I dabble in poetry and have published a few. I am trying new forms and will sneak out of the dressing room and into the water once I think one is worth reading. I am primarily a Haiku fan. The one time I read a piece to a person, their only comment was, “it doesn’t rhyme.”

e-mail johnhowell.wave@gmail.com

I will continue to write, and hopefully, this blog will provide some entertainment and an interesting thought or two.

I live in Lakeway, Texas, with my wife Molly, and our spoiled rescue pets.



    1. Thank you, Willow.


      1. It’s a pleasure 💜

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  1. […] I know El Guapo served as my connection point to Raye and Marc (who was Cayman then). I discovered John through Marc while Dale found me through Raye. Monika found me through Marc, plus Dale found Marc […]

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  2. […] Fiction Favorites – John W. Howell – John is an award-winning author of thriller fiction novels and short stories, including The Contract, My GRL, and Circumstances of Childhood, and is a highly organized humor blogger, sharing top ten lists, views from his neighborhood, personal reflections, haikus and responses to writing prompts. His dogs, Twiggy and Lucy are regular contributors to the fun. […]

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    1. Thak you so much, Barbara. You made my day. 😀


    2. Thank you, Barbara.


  3. I’d love if you’d guest blog post for my site. if you’re so inclined, here’s a link to general guidelines: https://wp.me/p6OZAy-1eQ


    1. Thank you so much. Let me put my thinking cap on. 😊


  4. Hi John,
    I’m H.R Phoenix from penable.net and I’d love to feature you on the Penable Net YouTube channel. Perhaps you could share some writing tips?
    Kindly let me know.
    You can reach me at phoenix@penable.net


    1. Thank you for the invitation, I have sent you an e-mail.

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  5. […] fact, he’s quite famous for it as he shares it freely on his daily blogs. Are you following Fiction Favorites? If not, today is a great day to […]

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    1. Thanks for the lovely intro, Jan


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