Reaching for the steaming cup of heaven’s gift for a no-morning person, the thought raced through my mind. What antic will those Warner Brother look-alikes have on tap today? The answer came swiftly after the first sip. A voice so loud the vibrations of my cup threatened a tsunami that would ruin both my morning […]

Today’s good news story comes from the Good News Network. So here it is in its entirety. Recently Arrived Ukrainians in Minneapolis Head to Mississippi to Help Tornado Victims By Andy Corbley Mar 30, 2023 The mainstream media is filled with headlines about how the United States is helping Ukraine, but under the radar is […]

“Well, dad, it’s been real, but I have to go play. So a quick down dog and I’m outa here.” “I understand. I’ll be here doing a post.” “Ahhh. A quick upward-facing dog, and I’ll be ready for anything.” “I thought you were gone already.” “Had to get in my last poses. I’m out of […]

The method used is to open a book to a random page and point to a page without looking. Today’s finger-point prompt was pulled from The Last Drive on page 107. The word my finger points to is ‘wandering.’ I hope you enjoy it. (by the way, excuse the fuzzy focus on the word. The […]

  This was posted on March 21, 2016. I hope you enjoy it. * * * If you are like me, you don’t often go to the museum, but when visiting, you like to have as little to do with other people as possible. The inspiration for this list is the sometimes annoying behavior of […]

Since there is not too much going on in Lakeway, I thought we would just cruise and see what turns up. We are catered by Valentina’s of Austin, and our entertainment is Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. Menu So let’s go. Our first stop is near city hall and the chess player sculpture. Looks like […]

  The air is filled with the first signs of spring. The coffee machine has granted another hassle-free cup of life-giving elixir. The first sip jogs the memory. There is still a circus in the backyard. Avoiding the truth, my thoughts turned to the bottle of milk I emptied on a bowl of Raisin Bran […]

Today’s good news is from the Good News Network. Here it is in its entirety. Switzerland Set to Roll Out Solar Panels Between Railway Tracks–A World First By Andy Corbley –Mar 22, 2023   Europe’s love of train travel is about to transform the continent’s solar energy production as the Swiss are set to begin […]

“Hey, Twiggy. Take a look at this ball.” “Yeah, that came over the fence this morning.” “I’m going to holler over the fence and see if they want it back.” “Good luck with that. The ball came from the other side.” “How do you know?” “I saw it by the patio and carried it here. […]

The terrific guys at Fresh Ink Group invited me to appear tonight on their 138th Blog Talk Radio show. That’s them above. Of course, if you invite me, I will show up. So tonight at 8:00 Eastern Time, Stephen Geez, Beem Weeks, and I will be chewing the fat about all things authorly. To listen […]