The inspiration for this list came from listening to comments made by some of the over 100,000 visitors to our island over the weekend.  If you plan on visiting an island at least you have been warned. 10 On an island, do not expect the internet to work all day. If you do, at […]

Last week I ran a preview to the Texas SandFest and promised more pictures this week. I have to provide a little disclaimer. Since my deadline for posting for Sunday is Saturday, I had to be satisfied with the sculptures state of readiness.  The artists have until Sunday noon to finish their work for judging. You […]

  Come and sit for a spell. It is Steam of Consciousness Saturday time again and this week’s prompt is “Spell.” Linda Hill is allowing bonus points if the first sentence of the post has the word “spell” in it.(Nailed it) Otherwise, we can use the word any way we want. If you would like […]

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Welcome to my stop along the Springtime Book & Block Party route. Let’s get the preliminary stuff out of the way first. I’m giving two prizes away, and you don’t have to be a member to win. All you have to do is leave a comment, and a random draw…

  Friday is here and with it the promise of a couple of days of diversion from real life. This week has been one of catching up.  A number of things that have been in the category of “nice to have finished.” What I mean is they are the items that are not crucial to […]

Today I am pleased to have Kevin Cooper as a guest on RAVE WAVES Blog Talk Radio Spotlight Honors. The show is on today at 11:00 Central Time. Here is a direct link to listen  Bio Kevin Cooper is an Author & Songwriter. After years of studying, and even more years working in education, and […]

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Goodreads Synopsis: The terrorist leader and financier Matt Jacobs has figured out a way to eliminate the President. He believes he has come up with the ultimate weapon and needs help in getting close enough to the president to use it. He is relying on John Cannon’s stature…