I am so pleased to have Suzanne Burke join my blog today to announce the cover reveal and pre-order period for her new book, The Alternative. I was lucky enough to have done a beta read for this story collection and I can tell you it is a five-star read. So Suzanne the blog is […]

  The inspiration for this list was going to dinner and forgetting to put my wallet in my pocket. Although it sounds impossible, I very seldom need to leave the house (Yes, Mr. Hughes?) so I have lost the natural tendency to check to see if I have everything with me. Lucky for me, none […]

This weekend the beach was inundated with Jeep owners celebrating the topless season of Jeep ownership. Here is a description of the event from the All Things Jeep website. “Go Topless Day® is a spring tradition when we celebrate the return of warm weather and sense of fun and adventure that comes along with owning a […]

  It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday time again. This weeks prompt is “empty/hollow.” Linda Hill says we can use one or both. If you haven’t had enough pain in your life and want to join this crowd, just visit Linda’s blog and find out how. Here is the link. https://lindaghill.com/2018/05/18/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-may-19-18/ Empty/Hollow by John W. Howell © […]

I am always thrilled to have a visit from Lisa Burton. As you may know, she is the robot spokesperson for Craig Boyack, the very talented author of a new release titled The Yak Guy Project, as well as, a host of other excellent books. My JohnKu is all about book launches. Book Launch by John […]

  “Hey, Twiggy. What are you doing?” “Oh, Hi Dad. Just trying to find an interesting toy to play with.” “It’s a beautiful day. Why aren’t you outside?” “For one I don’t have prehensile paws. I need help with the door.” “Out you go.” “Lucy, Lucy, Lucy.” “Yes, Twiggy. Good to see you out here.” “What are […]

  It is Wednesday Story Day again, and last week we started a new story. Larry Dunfee, a police detective, went into a fortune-telling establishment in China town. There he met the owner, a fascinating lady by the name of Micki Lee. (of course). Micki told Larry some things that she read in the newspaper […]