Sunday – Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf


Today’s photo shows somewhat of an improvement over the past couple of days. The sun is out and looks like a glorious morning. The beach is relatively deserted and the temp is around 68 degrees. We are expecting some thunderstorms on Tuesday which we can always use.

Last week’s photo

2015-11-07 08.07.15


  1. Love the look of the sun in this one.

  2. That looks so tranquil – thanks for sharing, John 😀

  3. A really beautiful view of a gulf morning!

  4. Oh, what a beautiful morning! (Yes, go ahead and sing!!)

    1. *CROAK* Well maybe not. Thanks

    1. Thank you John. We do as well.

  5. Beautiful, John! I’m dying to make some footprints.

  6. What a gorgeous morning. I’d love to be there making footprints in the sand.

    1. We do a walk every morning. It is peaceful. Thanks

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