Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

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Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we saw Ben get a pair and tell Mrs. Wolfe what he thought of her little testing methods. She pushed him too far in asking him to beg for another chance. We are rejoining Ben, Alexis and the father in the living room. Here take this air sickness bag before you go. It might get a little turbulent in there.

“Hey here’s Ben, Where you been Ben?”

“Daddy those puns are the worst.”

“I’ve been with Trudy playing a scene out of Mrs. Robinson.”

“Which part did you take?”

“Very funny daddy. What are you talking about Ben?”

“Your mother is nuts. She was giving me the business like in the movie.”

“She came on to you?”

“Don’t worry Ben and Alexis. She does that all the time. I think it’s the gin that does it.”

“And you don’t care daddy?”

“Believe me, when I say anytime your mother is busy is a good time for me.”

“Daddy. I can’t believe you would just let her run wild.”

“I know sweetheart. It is a fact of life these days.”


“Yes, Ben.”

“Is there any way we can get the explosives and leave Mrs Worthe out of it.”

“I’ll answer that question Ben boy.”

“Yikes Mrs Wolfe. You sure walk quietly.”

“The answer is no. This husband of mine takes orders from me. Right dear?”

“Yup Trudy. You are right as rain.”

“That’s good. Now let’s get down to business shall we?”

“Am I still in?”

“Shut up Ben. I’ll let you know when you’re out.”

“Yes, ma’am.”



  1. I saw a meme the other day, which sums up (I think) the Worthes’ relationship: If a man says something in the forest and no woman hears him, is he still wrong?

    1. Love that one. 😀

  2. We know what sort of explosives they are don’t we…?

  3. That meme is so true and happened to me once. It was for an on-line program. In fact, they decided to change my course route instead of letting me continue with the rest of my classmates. Made no sense and I never figured out why I got chosen for the new route.

    1. When I was a senior they changed the requirement for graduation. I was forced to take a year of language and the only way was to sign up for 1, 2, and 3 all in the same semester. I did it but it was a real hassle staying ahead.

      1. Ouch. General Education was the bane of college existence when I was in there and they changed the thing halfway through. Thankfully, they had it that only the new students had to follow it while the rest of us were on the old one. Still, it made signing up confusing because you had to make sure you didn’t look at the wrong list.

      2. Yeah we had the same rule except I took a year off to work in my major and when I came back I was treated like a new student.

      3. On the plus side you got precious experience, which everyone wants. Wish my major had the option of an Internship or something.

      4. It really helped land a good job on graduation.

      5. Some days I wonder if internships should be part of how you get a degree. That way you leave college with some real world experience.

      6. Some schools require it.

  4. I think the next time I run into a woman like this, I might be tempted to say “I’m sorry, what did you say your name is? Was it Trudy?” This woman would be unbelievable, if not for the fact that I’ve known women like this.

    1. Haven’t we all. Thanks:-)

  5. Can’t wait for the next section.

  6. Awesome!
    Simply awesome.

  7. Nice, John! I can relate to the meme. 🙂 I couldn’t get any required courses when I was a communications major. I ended up changing to psychology.

    1. I totally understand.

  8. Uh-oh, Ben should’ve handcuffed her to the kitchen table while he had the chance! Something tells me that, with Trudy at the helm, this vessel is going to sink FAST!!

    1. Lots of icebergs out there.

  9. I’m reeling that the photo is of the College of Charleston. I could tell you things about the College of Charleston…….things they absolutely don’t want you to know.

    1. Yet I would love to hear them.

  10. Ha! Thanks for the air sickness bag, John. This story is like having a combination tilt-a-whirl and roller coaster out on the freeway. 😀 Have a thriving Thursday. Hugs!

    1. Thanks. I hope you didn’t have cotton candy before the ride.

      1. Ooo… I used to love cotton candy. 😀

      2. How did I know? 😀

  11. Love it! Can’t wait for the next installment.

    1. Thank you, Michelle.

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