Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day



Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we left Ben and Doctor Wente while they were discussing Ben’s situation. The doctor told Ben that he would have to report that Ben shot himself with his own gun. Ben in confessing that the gun was at home told the doctor there is more to the story. Let’s join the two and see what Ben what was on Ben’s mind.
“More? What do you mean more?”
“I bought it from a guy on the street after running an ad on Craig’s list.”
“You’re kidding right?”
“No. I ran the ad, and I met this guy in the park, and he sold me the gun.”
“So you have no idea where he got it?”
“See this is the problem with telling the police I shot myself with my own gun. What if this gun was used in another crime?”
“I really can’t help you, Ben. I will not lie in my report.”
“I understand. just having an unlicensed gun is against the law so I might as well face the music.”
“That is a very mature attitude, Ben. There your foot is all cleaned up. Let’s get you to X-ray and see what damage you’ve don to yourself.”
“Yeah thanks, doc. I would like to tell you something but need to know if there is anything like doctor-patient confidentiality.”
“Only as far as your heath and treatment Ben. Information outside your condition is not covered.”
“I thought so. Do you have a priest or minister in the hospital?”
“I know I can call the local parish, and one will come over.”
“Could you please call. I need to have a confessional.”
“Ben, you know your wound is not life-threatening don’t you?”
“I know that about the wound doc. I’m not sure about the after effects, though.”
“I don’t understand but will call for a priest. You rest now. The X-ray tech will be right in.”
“Thanks, doc. Also please don’t let Mrs. Worthe in until the priest gets here.”
“Strange request Ben, but okay.”


  1. His first mistake…using Craig’s List.

    1. There you go. Thanks

  2. By the way…the memes…hilarious, John. At first I thought it was Brad Pitt. 🙂

    1. Ha ha ha. I always wonder why he is always eating in his movies.

  3. Thanks for the mid-week marvel, John!

    1. Yes sir. For you, anything.

  4. Ben seems determined to make this worse for himself. Poor guy.

  5. Ben – in order to get out of the hole, you need to stop digging! I was kinda hoping the Dr would have helped Ben fake his death in order to escape this family.

    1. Oh, good one Dan. Wish I had thought of it.

  6. He should have asked to see a psychiatrist and then claimed he stole the gun because he’s a kleptomaniac, that would allow him his all-important patient/doctor confidentiality.

    1. I knew you would figure a way. 🙂

  7. He’s thinking ahead for once, I say. She will be livid, the beast.

    1. I think you are right. poor Ben

      1. Too bad he still doesn’t have the gun.

      2. Yeah it is at home.

  8. If this poor doctor is confused, imagine being the poor priest!! I bet most of them have heard worse stories, but this one’s a doosy! And I can’t see buying anything off Craig’s List — what a recipe for disaster! Well done, John!

    1. Thanks Debbie. It’s nice to hear you like it.

  9. I have no idea what Ben’s up to, but I can’t wait to find out.

    1. Oh Good. (On both counts)

  10. Hmmm…. I’m suddenly worried about who the x-ray tech might turn out to be…
    Thanks for the lunch-break treat, John. Mega hugs!

    1. Glad to be of service. Thanks for sharing lunch time with me.

  11. Where had Ben learned to sing so well? 😀 😀 😀
    What’s with the priest. Is he worried Mrs. Worthe is going to kill him? No, that can’t be. Maybe he’ll go back to the beginning… Aaaaa That’s not good either.

    1. I think he wants some absolution or maybe Absolute.

  12. Buying a gun on Craigslist would have to fall under the caption “What’s the worst that could happen?”

    And um, when the priest shows up and Mrs Worthe insists on entering the room . . is that when the exorcism gets under way?

    1. Ha ha ha . I should let you write it. Good job.

  13. By the way, I love that meme.

    1. Thought it was pretty funny. I loved how he was eating and crying. (been there for sure)

      1. You and me both!

  14. So, if Ben doesn’t want Mrs Worthe in until the priest arrives, is that suggesting that he wants her present while he makes his ‘confession’?
    Based on that, I believe patient/doctor confidentiality should apply – the lad is clearly certifiable!

    1. Ha ha ha. he should have you as a lawyer.

  15. The only thing you can find on Craigslist is bad jobs, kooks, and trouble. Love the way your hero wanted this avoid Mrs. Worthe. Reminds me of me wanting to avoid my father. Good read. Pleasure to read.

    1. Thank you s much.:-)

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