Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day


Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we left Ben asking the doctor not to let Mr. Worthe into the room until the priest that Ben requested arrives. The doctor thought it strange but agreed. Let’s hop back there and see what happens next.
“Okay, Ben the tech is here. He will take you to x-ray.”
“Thanks Doc. Tell the priest I’ll be right back.”
“Don’t worry Ben. He’ll be here when you get back.”
“Okay sir. We need to go down this hallway to X-ray.”
“Do I need to get up?“
“No sir. We take the gurney with us. You just lay back and make yourself comfortable. Watch your elbows as we go through the door. Another turn and then it’s a straight shot.”
“Hold it a minute young man.”
“Excuse me ma’am but I need to get this gentleman to x-ray.”
“I will only be a minute. Could you give us some privacy please?”
“Sure ma’am I’ll be right down the hall.”
“Thanks. So Ben where are you going?”
“To x-ray. How did you get in here Mrs. Worthe?”
“Shut up Ben. That was a cute trick trying to keep me a way but it isn’t going to work.”
“W-what trick?”
“You know damn well you told that doctor not to let me in until that priest you requested got here.”
“H-how did you know?”
“Please Ben. You think hospital residents have all the money in the world. You were sold out for a few pieces of silver.”
“Well, I really don’t care what you say. I’m going to tell the priest everything and see if I can get some piece of mind.”
“Everything? Like what Ben? Like you had a plan to blow up the student union and slaughter god knows how many people?”
“Yes that and the fact that you are willing to help and I shot myself in the foot with a gun that is unregistered.”
“Well this should make for some interesting confessional chat. I’m sure you know the priest will have no other choice but to turn you in.”
“He can’t do that. We will have a bond of secrecy.”
“Ha. Don’t make me laugh you little worm. You don’t think a little donation to the saint of the month club won’t shake that bond to the roots.”
“Mrs. Worthe you are the devil incarnate. I would like to see you burn.”
“Sure Benjamin. Have you thought of the consequences? Who has more to lose? An established business person like me or a squeaky hippy wanna be like you. You don’t stand a chance and I would suggest you keep your damned mouth shut.”
“Excuse me ma’am I really need to take the gentleman now.’
“Go ahead. One more thing Ben. Think hard about your path forward. You don’t want to make any mistakes now do you?”


  1. Ain’t it always the way? Enough money trumps justice and good sense every time.

    1. She is trouble with a capital B

  2. She really needs an elevator shaft to go cordless bungee jumping in.

    1. Ha ha ha. Love to see it.

      1. Only one man can make it happen. 😉

      2. Oops. I guess you are right.

      3. Now I’m scared. 😀

  3. I don’t think she’s going to redeem herself.

    1. I think she may do some real harm.(of course, what do I know)

  4. Ugh – come on Ben. Man up and triumph over that woman! Is it too late to shoot her?

  5. “You don’t think a little donation to the saint of the month club won’t shake that bond to the roots.” Brutal.

    1. She is so going to hell.

  6. Yikes, this gal IS evil, isn’t she?? Bet Ben rues the day he shared his little plan with her!

    1. Yeah he does. I can assure you.

  7. Another cliff hanger!

    1. Yes and my fingers are getting sore.

  8. I knew Mrs. Worthe was trouble, but she’ s so much m.o.r.e. I’m tingling with excitement. Is it possible she has met her match after all or will they both cancel each other out. The tension is making me itch. 😀 😀 😀

    1. A good itch I hope.

  9. Old mother Worthe tailing Ben to x-ray?
    There’s gonna be a gamma mama ding dong, I can see it coming.

  10. Sounds like interaction between US presidential candidates.

    1. I does doesn’t it?

  11. I would rise off the table thingy and slap her a few times! A blow there, a blow there, and a blow there. I hope Ben does something spicy.

  12. Dayum if this woman isn’t the devil incarnate for real!

    It just got real . . and she has plenty of money where that came from. I would tell Ben to run, but he’s in no position to do so in his present condition. Poor bastid.

    1. Yeah, he is in deep yogurt.

  13. Wednesdays should be “Howell Day” from now on…

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