Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

Hump Day


It is Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we witnessed Lucas dodge a bullet so to speak. Alice apparently had a change of heart in thinking she would go to Lucas’ house for a “drink of water.” We don’t know why she changed her mind and maybe by Lucas calling Seth and “old coot,” there was some realization by Alice that she was making a fool out of herself. Meanwhile, we have not heard anything from Mrs. Murphy, the widow. So let’s get back to this little place and see what’s up.
“Hold up Seth. I need to talk to you.”
“What? Sure, little lady. It seems you followed me into the store so what’s on your mind.”
“Not here, Seth. I need to talk to you outside. There are enough ears leaning our way, and I don’t want my conversation repeated all over town.”
“All right then.You lead the way.”
“This will do Seth. We are far enough away from those wags.”
“You look upset darlin’.”
“Don’t darlin’ me you old horse. You know very well I’m upset, and you probably have a good idea why.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about.”
“Wipe that stupid grin off your face. I’m going to say this one time and one time only. Don’t you ever threaten me again? I didn’t appreciate that little statutory rape comment at the widow’s house. Also, I will think you to keep that bulbs nose out of my business. Who I sleep with is no concern of yours. I have enough on you and that dirty little posse of yours to make you like a living hell, and you know it.”
“Now now Alice. Don’t get all bunched up, I was just having a little fun. I can see it worked.”
“Your idea of fun is to intimidate people you big bully. I want you to know you don’t frighten me one little bit. You know I’m serious, so you can stop trying to make light of what you tried to do.”
Okay. I apologize. I just wanted to save you from making a fool of yourself that’s all.”
“And just how would sleeping with that boy be foolish, Seth? Hell after giving you the best parts of me I could walk down the street start naked and still not be as big a fool as I was back then.”
“Aw Alice. You don’t mean that.”
“The hell I don’t. Now let’s just cut this short. You leave me alone, or you will be very sorry. You got that?”
“Yes, Ma’am. I got that. It’s a shame, though.’
“What’s a shame?”
“You havin’ all this hatred towards me. I always loved you.”
“Do you punch everyone you love, Seth?”
“Okay, let’s not go there. I got help for that and besides that wasn’t really me.”
“No the real you makes a threat to arrest me for statuary rape.”
“You were right.”
“Oh Yeah. How was I right.”
“We should stop talking. Goodbye Alice.”


  1. Hmm, interesting. The widow Murphy is still keeping her head below the parapet though. It’s both mysterious and worrying. Great writing John.

  2. Well, that seems settled, but we still haven’t heard from widow Murphy. It seems Lucas was suspiciously the last one to see her. She’s overdoing “keeping a low profile”. A good installment, John. I love Yoda at the top. 😀 — Suzanne

  3. Gwen Plano · ·

    Little towns are never as “sleepy” as they appear, are they. Seth seems to have issued another warning, and where is widow Murphy? The weekly segments keep me wanting more – well done, John. ☺

    1. Thank you, Gwen. This makes my day. 🙂

  4. I’m not liking Seth at the moment. Nicely done, John. 🙂

    1. He seems to be a bully doesn’t he? We will see. Thanks, Jill. 🙂

  5. That turn a rather dark and unexpected turn. Curious to see who comes out as the real villain in this.

    1. Is there such a thing as no protagonist? Starting to look that way. 🙂

      1. There can be a story like that. Everyone is a villain. Although, protagonist doesn’t always mean hero.

  6. Oooh, the gritty little backstory starts to emerge. If I were Lucas, I start painting, fast. Then again, we don’t know his story yet…I’m sure he has one. You need to give us the GPS coordinates of this little town, John, so I can block it.

    1. Ha ha ha. I was trying to think up a name for the town. i almost did Antion but thought you might not like that. Well still thinking. 🙂

      1. Ha – wouldn’t surprise me.

      2. Antion, Illinois has a nice ring.

      3. I kinda like that.

      4. Hmmm. Antion Illinois it is.

      5. My family will be so proud. Or they’ll shake their heads and sigh…”again…”

      6. They will be proud. A lovely little town. 🙂

  7. Another great instalment, John! Sounds like Alice got around lots and Seth was no choirboy. Wow! Entertaining story!

    1. Thanks, John. This is getting thick. (I said that like I’m not writing it. What an idiot!) 😀

      1. LOL!!! Playing both ends against the middle, eh!

  8. Wow, these two have a ton of history between them and none of it sounds good. And I wonder what Seth “and his dirty little posse” have done.
    The intensity builds. Good one, John!

    1. Thanks, Mae Clair. I had to get that exchange off my chest. It was bothering me. 😀

  9. Went from a smoldering tension to an in-your-face tension. Can’t wait for next week.

    1. Have to have some of each. Thanks, Craig. 🙂

  10. From bad to worse…

    1. It does keep getting worser and worser. Thanks, Susie. 🙂

  11. I want to live in a small town but… maybe we can build a wall around this particular one… 😈 Maybe Alice will be the heroine by giving Seth his due.
    I nominate Seth to be the first casualty in this story.
    Great episode, John. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Mega hugs!

    1. I like the idea of readers offering up a character for the guillotine. Ha ha ha. I have an idea. Maybe the pink cat hat wearers can form a barrier. Nobody in or out with out a pass. 😀 HUGS

      1. A friend expressed condolences about the hiring freeze, since it makes it even more impossible for me to get a job out west. She suggested I move there anyway, and get a job in Public Relations for the wall. She was kidding. I think…

      2. Ha ha ha. I don’t know. Sounds like a good idea. Your first assignment. “The top ten reasons why you (Joe public) should love the wall.” 😀

  12. Bunches of tension flowing through this segment, John — well done! I have so many questions I can’t begin to list them, but I’m sure you’ll sort everything out eventually. In the meantime, I want to know more about the widow!

    1. Ah the widow. The widow? Where the hell is the widow anyway? 😀

  13. Seth does seem to be a little ‘understood’. What next, I wonder.

    1. More mayhem I’m sure. 😀

  14. Ah, small town ghosts from days gone by. I knew Alice wasn’t going to let Seth’s remark go unpunished.

    1. So true. She bugged me all week to let her go at him. I relented. 🙂

  15. Seth and his little lady friend sure can go at it. Wonder what’s beneath the surface of that. Ha ha. Great story, John.
    About the widow… sounds mysterious and peachy. I wonder where she is. o_O

    1. Well I’ll go look. *footsteps running off.*

  16. Seth and Alice are like oil and water. More specifically, an oil spill inside the deepest and darkest waters.

    1. Ha ha ha. Love that.

  17. Oh ho! Lots of tension now, and will those dirty secrets come out about the Sheriff, and yes I too am wondering where the widow is?

    Staying tuned in!

    1. Well that settles it. We need to find the widow. 😀

  18. She doesn’t back down quietly. Maybe both men ought to run. And she thank her lucky stars to be rid of both.

    1. Yes. Alice is her own person for sure. I think she would be fun to know.

      1. I was married to her once.

      2. I know right. We had fun for a while though.

      3. So bittersweet..these feelings in my throat. 😢

      4. She was the one who told me I was too gentle to run with wolves. (Referring to herself)

      5. I remember you mentioning this remark. You are one of the strongest. She, a fool.

      6. I thought so that’s why I let her go.

  19. Small town chaos! Good job! Like the turn.

    1. Thank you Traci. 😀

      1. You’re welcome!

  20. A-ha! I knew they had a history!

    1. Yup. Not a pretty one either.

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