Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

“What time is it?”
“It’s Wednesday. Go back to sleep Little One. I set the alarm for Friday.”


It is Wednesday Story Day again, and last week we were present when Andrew and Larry questioned Louis about his involvement with Joachim Cortez the head of the Mendoza cartel. We learned that Cortez is somehow part of a legitimate medical device company and he never paid Louis. We also determined the reason Louis didn’t mention this information when first questioned is he was afraid. In fact, it is the same reason he never tried to collect the money from Cortez. I see Larry and Andrew have entered the Healthway Medical Device Company and are approaching the receptionist. I guess they decided to take the bull by the horns and visit Cortez. I think this may not be the best move but certainly want to be there when they confront Cortez.  Andrew is taking a seat and Larry is talking to the receptionist.


“Yes, that’s right. I’m Detective Dunfee. Here is my card. I would like to visit with Mr. Cortez.”

“Mr. Cortez is in a meeting. Do you have an appointment?”

“No, but this is official police business.”

“Can I inform Mr. Cortez the nature of the meeting?”

“You can tell him I have some questions regarding Mr. Sandusky.”

“Very well, sir. If you have a seat, I’ll see if Mr. Cortez can be interrupted.”

“Thank you.”

“So, what did she say?”

“To have a seat and she’ll see if Cortez can be interrupted.”

“You tell her about Sandusky?”

“Of course. “

“You sure this is the best approach?”

“I’m telling you, Andrew, I would rather be anywhere else but her. I don’t know if this approach is the best or not. I do know we need to push this case forward. Hell, we may just scare up a few leads while we are here.”

“You use the term, ’scare’ very lightly.”

“Ha ha. That’s pretty funny.”

“What about the person Louis talked to here.”

“A Miss Alverez? I think we can contact her anytime. I have a feeling she isn’t going to give us anything new.”

“So it’s the big guy or nothing?”


“Mr. Dunfee?”


“Mr. Cortez will see you now.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“Please follow me.”


“Ah, detective please come in. Who else is with you?”

“This is Andrew Cummings the former city Medical Examiner.”

“My pleasure sir. Won’t you both have a seat? Can I get you something to drink? A coffee perhaps.”

“No thank you, Mr. Cortez. We both had ours.”

“Well then what can I do for you today?”

“We have opened Sandusky case since we believe he was murdered.”

“I see. I think I remember that unfortunate situation. It was about ten years ago. Didn’t he take his own life?”

“I would rather no comment on a case currently being investigated. I do have some questions for you though.”

“For me? I don’t know how I can help, but please go ahead.”

“Did you hire Sandusky’s company to develop a medical procedure?”

“I believe we hired an employee of that company as a consultant. His name was Louis something or another I believe.”

“Yes, Louis Stamos.”

“Ah yes. That’s it.”

“What was the nature of the equipment you wanted to be developed?”

“We were looking for a non-invasive surgical method.”

“Did Louis develop it”’

“He said he did.”

“What do you mean?”

“We got the prototype, and it didn’t work.”

“So you didn’t pay him?”

“Correct. How do you know all this.”

“We talked to Louis.”

“Why’s that?”

“We have reason to believe that the device worked just fine.”

“I would be cautious what you say from here on out, detective. I have been nice enough to visit with you. This courtesy will end very soon if I believe you are hinting that I’m less than truthful. In any case, I do believe this conversation is over. My person will show you out.”

“Thank you, for your time.”

“One more thing detective. I have friends who don’t take kindly to people insulting me. Am I making myself clear?”

“Chrystal, Mr. Cortez.”



  1. Wow. That was a quick turnaround from helpful to aggressive.

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  2. Threats now?

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    1. How rude, right?

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  3. I’m not sure I trust anyone who turns down a cup of coffee.

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    1. But this is our protagonist. He must be trustworthy. Right? *crickets

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  4. In meetings like this, I would turn to my boss and say, “that went well.”

    I guess they didn’t plan on actually getting much help. Cortez seemed to cut things off pretty quick though, I think there’s more here. You go look for it John. I’ll wait with the rest of the readers. Let us know what you find.

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    1. Okay. I’ll be right back. Thanks, Dan

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  5. Uh, oh. That was a definite threat. “Danger, Will Robinson.” 😀 — Suzanne

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    1. Sure was a threat. Thanks, Suzanne.

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  6. And so the stage is set for one helluva showdown…

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    1. Let’s hope so. Thanks, Hook


  7. Gwen Plano · ·

    Goodness, I’m glad I’m not investigating this case. It sounds like Cortez is ready to take action, not good action. 😦

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    1. I woud have to agree with you, Gwen. Thanks for the comment.

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  8. Uh-oh. Methinks Larry and Andrew have ruffled some very big feathers!

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    1. Big big feathers. Thank you, Mae.

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  9. Cool, now just wait and see what Cortez puts in motion.

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    1. Might be dangerous for sure. Thanks, Craig.

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  10. John,

    They’ve shown their hand to Cortez now, which is either insane or inspired. Imma trust the process and go with the latter. Because some bad guys are likable in a twisted kinda way, and then there’s Cortez. And I’ve no doubt he was on the phone the second those two left his office.

    I hope Larry has the trap set, otherwise it’s gonna be chalk lines for him . . .

    Great installment John!

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    1. Larry takes a size 11 1/2 in cement overshoes. I hope he doesn’t need a pair.

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      1. You and me both!
        But I’ve got a feeling Larry is crazy. Like a fox.
        Hopefully he’s also as fleet of foot as a fox . . .

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      2. He may be both. Thanks, Marc.

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  11. Well, that went south pretty quickly.

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    1. It sure did. Pretty touchy that Cortez.

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  12. The ‘spiral’ continues! (While ‘two white lovelies’ nap at the door!) ♥

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    1. Yes it is true. Thanks, Billy Ray.

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  13. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    Well, they are certainly on Mr. Cortez’s radar now. His reaction showed a touch of guilt and perhaps one of his friend might suggest an end to this. Look forward to next week.

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    1. Thank you, Denise.

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  14. Yikes! I think Mr. Cortez wouldn’t have had to “ask” me twice to leave — I’d have probably busted clean through the door!!

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    1. You would be right behind me.

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  15. I see that someone forgot to tell Larry about tugging on Superman’s cape! I think he may have just stirred a hornet’s nest. Love the photo! Twiggy is getting big. She’s pushed Lucy halfway off the bed. 🙂

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    1. He should know better. She is getting big for sure.

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  16. Good scene, John. I shared it with my Twitter followers. I like Larry as a character. Very human. As a reader I can almost sense the bruises he has, waiting to be touched. There’s a lot of strength of character behind his calm exterior. I don’t think he’ll back away from a good confrontation. This is the first I’ve read of your on-going story. I’ll make sure I catch the next one. I had to search this one down. It was supposed to show up in my Email feed.

    You might enjoy a dialogue only piece I wrote on

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    1. Ienjoued your story, Jay. I do about three stories a week with 100% dialog and not tags. It is so much fun. Thanks for sharing.


      1. Thanks, John, for reading it. Much appreciated.

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  17. That was ballsy, to say the least…
    Larry better have some kind of plan coz things are not looking like smooth sailing is in their future…

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    1. I think they are going to have a challenge real soon.

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      1. I’m thinking, too…

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  18. Hmmm, yes — definitely a short fuse… but I suppose that was expected. You added a nicely menacing edge, John. Mega hugs.

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    1. Thank you, Teagan.

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  19. but I guess Mr Cortez isn’t a killer… his “anonymous” friends?


  20. Ooo… things are going to get dicey. Love the cliffhanger ending. Great episode, John.

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    1. They will get dicey. Thanks, Jennie

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      1. Good news!! You’re welcome, John.

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