Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

Wednesday Hump Day

“Lucy, Lucy, Lucy.”
“Yes, Little One?”
“Is it Friday yet?”
“Ten more naps till Friday.”
“My naps or yours?”
“Mine, of course.”

Sorry, this post is a little late. I had a scheduling problem this morning.

It is Wednesday Story Day time again, and last week we witnessed the arrival of a couple of Nevada State troopers who are operating on the direction of the Reno District Attorney. Yeah, this was the same DA who seemed to believe Larry and Andrew shot some citizens for no reason. I see the troopers have delivered our heroes to the DA’s office, so I think we better get there.

“Please have a seat, gentlemen. Mr. Taggett will be with you in a moment.”

“Thank you, officers. We appreciate the ride and the security.”

“Just doing our job, detective. We’ll be right outside.”

“Wait until they are gone, Andrew.”

“Why are you always saying that?”

“I just don’t want you making a slip in front of people is all.”

“He who walks on ice is talking about a slip. Okay, they are gone. Can I speak?”

“Sure. Go ahead.”

“We have a warrant burning a hole in our pocket. By my watch, we have less than twelve hours to use it.”

“I know, but as you can see, we now have friends in high places.”

“You sure about that?”

“I’m as sure as I can be. Hold on here’s a call from the Chief.”

“Our chief?”

“Yes. Sush. Hi Chief. Yes, we are fine. Right now? We are sitting in the waiting room of ADA Spenser Taggert. No, we haven’t talked to him yet. A couple of State Troopers brought us here. Yes, sir, I understand you and the DA had a conversation with Taggert. Huh? The troopers told me. Okay, I understand. Yes, sir, we will. Goodbye, sir.”

“What the heck?”

“The chief says Taggert will give us full cooperation.”

“Why don’t I think that is a good thing?”

“Yeah, I have the same feeling about Taggert. I still think someone has him under their thumb. Well, worst-case scenario, I get my gun back, and we are no better or worse off than when we arrived.”

“A lot of crap has gone on for a zero-sum gain.”

“I think a lot of folks would agree with you.”

“Folks? What folks?”

“Just a manner of speaking. Once we are through here, we need to get to the Hyatt and finally determine if we can nail Mrs. Rafferty with lying.”

“Did the chief offer any other words of advice.”

“Yeah, he said to keep a low profile and to be polite to Taggert.”

“Handy advice, huh?”

“Someone is coming. Later on, my comments.”

“Hello, Gentlemen. Please come in.”

“Thank you, Mr. Taggert.”

“Oh, call me Spencer. After all, we are on the same team.”

“Okay, Spencer.”

“Can I get you a coffee?”

“No, I think we are good. I’m guessing you have talked to the Chief of police in Boston.”

“Oh, yes. Charming man. He actually called my boss, and we all had a nice conversation about a path forward through this mess. I do want to apologize for treating you like persons of interest, but I needed to be careful.”

“Oh, I understand. Believe me, having a couple of guys come into your area of jurisdiction would be a cause of concern.”

“Guys who killed a couple of men, I might add.”

“No hard feelings, Spencer.”

“Nice to hear you say that. I, of course, had a lot of explaining to do.”

“I can imagine. No hare feelings on your part then?”

“Let’s say that my office has been directed to help as much as possible. Let’s start by giving you back your weapon. “

“Thank you.”

“Now, if you will excuse me, I have a full agenda today. Please let me know how I can help.”

“We will.”

“One more thing.”

“Yes, sir?”

“Please keep me in the loop on what you find out.”

“You can count on that. We will be going now.”

“Good day, then.”

“Yes, good day. Get up Andrew, we are leaving.”

“Need to ask.”

“Wait until we are outside, Andrew.”

“Slip sliding away. The nearer your destination, the more it keeps slip-sliding away.”

“Very funny.”




  1. I was worried, John. WordPress has been disconnecting me from people I’ve followed for a long time. I checked. Good to see it’s a minor issue.

    Mr. Taggert seems a little too distant for me. He made know what he wanted to, but I didn’t see any real offer of help. I hope he reloaded the weapon. I hope these guys get to the Hyatt, get some info and can make it to the airport for an early flight back to Boston. As for keeping Taggert in the loop, I’d phone it in from the airport – on the other side of TSA.

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    1. Ha haha. I agree on Taggert. The boys don’t trust him either.

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  2. I don’t know, but it seems like Andrew is ready to crack. Always liked that song. 🙂 Glad you’re okay, John!


    1. Gotta watch these seven decaders for sure. Thanks, Jill ❤️

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      1. My father calls me “the tracker!” 🙂

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      2. Hummmm. Good nickname on the golf course.

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  3. Things seem to be going in their favor – but I’m betting it doesn’t last for long.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you may be right. Thanks, Teri

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  4. Even if the guy isn’t much help, not hindering them is also an advantage.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I like that view. Thanks, Craig.

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  5. I’d take Taggert’s ‘cooperation’ and milk it for all its worth until the truth of why comes tumbling down. Hopefully by then they have some answers.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. They will have to move quick. Thanks, Marc.

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  6. I’m glad Larry got his gun back. I have a feeling he’s going to need it in subsequent chapters!

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    1. I’m gald too. Thanks, Mae.


  7. Ooooo I don’t trust that Taggert guy one little bit. I bet Mickie the fortuneteller could aggravate the dickens out of him. 🙂 Great suspense and tension, John.

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    1. Thak you, Teagan. The boys don’t trust Taggert either.

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  8. They seem to be making progress. I don’t trust it.

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  9. Taggert’s cooperation – right. As long as he keeps out of their way, we good!
    Now, let us hope these poor chaps make a little headway!

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  10. That seemed a little too easy if they were person’s of interest in a murder case. They better watch their backs.

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  11. Priorities, John, priorities!! 🙂

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  12. Andrew’s last comment cracked me up, John! 🙂 Well, at least Larry got his gun back, so that’s a start. However, if I were him, I’d check for a tracking device. That’s where my mind went. 🙂 Great installment!

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    1. Good idea, Jan. Perfect way to keep track of Larry for sure.

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  13. Question Mark for Taggert! (He knows Hymie!)

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    1. Ha hahahahah. Thanks Billy Ray


  14. Thank goodness Andrew has a good sense of humor. Not sure Taggart can be trusted. He is under somebody’s thumb.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, he is. Thanks, Jennie.

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      1. You’re welcome, John.

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  15. At least they got the weapon back (though who knows if it’s still loaded or working properly??) Something’s gonna screw this up … just wait and see.

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    1. Okay. I’ll take your word for it. (by the way. You are right.)

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    1. Thank you, Traci.

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      1. You’re welcome, John!

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  16. D.L. Finn, Author · ·

    At least they are armed again
    Maybe they will make it to the hotel.

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