Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

Twiggy and Lucy

“Hey Boss.”
“What Lucy?”
“Have you seen Friday?”
“Nope. Still Wednesday

It is Wednesday Story Day again, and last week we saw Larry and Andrew go to the Hyatt hotel and serve the warrant on the pretentious hotel manager named Wentworth. It seems Wentworth needed to talk to his lawyer before turning over the records. He invited our heroes into the executive area for some coffee. Andrew is suspicious, and Larry tries to assure him that it will be okay. We are wary too. I see the boys are gathered around the silver coffee service, so let’s join them.


“Man, this is Sumatra deep roast. Just smell that bouquet.”

“Reminds me of Chock Full of Nuts.”

“You have to be kidding, Larry.”

“Yeah, I thought I would get your goat.”

“Mmmm. This taste is out of this world.”

“Okay, Andrew. Snap out of it. We are here for business not to swoon over some coffee beans. Where the hell is that guy anyway. He said five minutes.”

“I can see by my watch that it has been five minutes and thirty seconds. How dare he keep us waiting like this.”

“Hilarious, Andrew. Oh, here he comes.”

“Well, gentlemen. Sorry to keep you waiting. I have received clearance from our legal department to give you the records covered by the warrant.”

“Thanks, Wentworth. For some reason, I hear a caveat in your emptor.”


“In your words, sir.”

“Oh, no, caveat. Just that I have to be careful to comply with the warrant and not give away the store.”

“So how you going to do that?”

“I will have our lawyer on facetime. He’ll check everything I plan to turn over before I do.”

“Yeah, whatever. Can we get started?”

“Yes, let’s go into my office, and I will bring up the registration records.”

“Great. Lead the way. Andrew, can you tear yourself away from the bean plant and join us?”

“Most certainly, Bawana. I can’t find my machete anyway.”

“You two have a strange way of communicating. Code, I presume.”

“No code. Andrew is a smart ass is all.”

“So here we are. Let me pull up the records. What night are you interested in?”

“Would be the week of February 12th.”

“Okay, here is the week. What information do you need?”

“When did Ned Dixon check-in?”

“The record shows he checked in on the 13th.”

“And when di Alexis Rafferty arrive?”

“Humm. He is in on the twelfth.”

“How about Mrs. Rafferty?”

“I’m looking at the whole week. Nope, there is nothing for a Mrs. Rafferty.”

“Damn. Wait. How about with Rafferty. Is there a Mr. and Mrs.?”

“No, just Mr.”


‘’Yes, Andrew.”

“Try Dixon. See if there is a Mrs. Dixon.”

“Yeah, Wentworth, see if there is a Mrs. Dixon.”

“Yes, I show Mrs. Dixon. Mr. and Mrs. Dixon checked in on the thirteenth.”

“Okay, I need a copy of that registration.”

“Sure enough. Let me call the lawyer.”

“Okay, while you are doing that, Andrew and I need to confer. We’ll be right back. Come on, Andrew.”

“Okay, I think we are far enough from Wentworth’s office. What the hell are we going to do with that piece of evidence? It tells us nothing.”

“It does tell us Mrs. Rafferty was here with Dixon. Now, all we have to do is find someone in the hotel who can identify her. Let’s go back and see if she ordered room service. Maybe the server can remember her.”

“Super idea Andrew. Grab another cup of your elixir, and let’s get back to Wentworth while he has the lawyer on the line.”



  1. Coffee really does play a big part of this story. 😁

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    1. Coffee is a big part of life over here in author land. Thanks, Charles.

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  2. The boys like their coffee, don’t they? I love the photo of the girls, John…so sweet. Happy Wednesday!

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    1. Maybe it’s cause I like my coffee. 😁

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  3. I like where this is going. It seems like the boys might be making some progress. On the other hand, that’s not always a good sign with you, is it? In any case, I’m putting today in the win column. I hope you have a great rest of the week. Tell the girls Friday has been spotted. It should arrive in less than 48 hours. They are so cute, John.

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    1. I told the girls and they thank you. Have a good one as well, Dan

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  4. Finally, a breakthrough. That’s an adorable pic of the girls!

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    1. Yes, finally. Thank you, Teri.

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  5. Score! They’re making progress at last.

    I always get a kick out of Larry and Andrew’s banter 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Mae.

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  6. Boss,

    Leave it to the java to give us a break in this case! I hope they take that coffee to go . . .

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    1. Yeah. I would. Thanks, Marc.

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  7. Sounds like progress, but I’ll hold my declaration a while longer. Reminds me that I need another cup myself.

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    1. Here you go. You want a scone with that?

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  8. Whew, at last! Progress! I think they may be getting somewhere finally and now suddenly I want another cup of java! 🙂

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    1. Yes, Get a cup of coffee and well be right with you. Thanks, Jan

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  9. D.L. Finn, Author · ·

    Glad they found something and got a good cup of coffee, too:)

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    1. Can’t do better than that. Thanks Denise.

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  10. A good coffee is always, well, good…
    …sadly the one I had this afternoon was not really good. Too watery.

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    1. I hate watery coffee. I used to live in Indiana and all the coffee there came out of a Mr. Coffee. UGH.

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      1. That doesn’t sound good.
        At home I use an Italian maker that I have to put on the stove. That coffee is really good and strong.

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      2. I have an espresso maker that is killer.

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  11. Mmm…I guess THAT “elixir” make him very smart…😂 I need some too 😜

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    1. Yes. We all do. Thanks, VR

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  12. I could use a cup of that delicious elixir right now.
    Can there finally be a forward direction to their case?

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    1. I don’t know. Let’s hope forward continues. (But not too fast. If so I’ll have to create a whole new serial)

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      1. There is that… Not that there is anything wrong with that!!

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      2. Well someday it will happen.

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  13. I love Lucy’s “listening ear.” It seems like our guys are on the trail of something. And that coffee sounds much better than my acid neutralized stuff… but at least it’s still caffeine, so I’ll take what my body can accept. Thanks for another great Story Day, John. Hugs on the wing!

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    1. Yes, I always look forward to a good cup of coffee. Thanks for the kind words. HUGs.

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  14. I kinda got lost in the scent, John. it’s wonderful.

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  15. This is getting juicy. At last there is a shred of hope, as long as someone recognizes her. Slim chance, but maybe. Love the coffee banter!

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    1. Maybe. Thanks, Jennie.

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      1. Maybe is another word for cliffhanger. 🙂

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      2. So true. Thanks, Jennie. 😁

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      3. I knew it! 🙂 You’re welcome, John.

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