Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

“Hey, you two. Let’s go outside and play.”
“We are in the Wednesday mode, Boss. Check back on Friday.”

It is Wednesday Story Day again, and last week, Larry and Andrew brought us up to speed. If you missed it don’t worry, Larry and Andrew have decided to go back to Boston after they speak with Joachim Cortez about what he knows regarding the goons that came and shot up Jerry’s place. If all this is Greek, just read on, and it will become clear. I’m a firm believer in living in the moment and would encourage “reading at the moment.” OH MY GOSH. Larry and Andrew are approaching Cortez’s table in the restaurant. We better hot foot it over there to catch every word.


“Well, well, well, my two favorite investigators. Please have a seat.”

“Thank you, Joachim. We aren’t going to stay long. We just had a couple of questions.”

“I hear you put a bullet into my son in law.”

“Wentworth? That’s funny.”

“What do you mean, funny?”

“Okay, we will have a seat. It’s funny because he shot himself in the foot.”

“That sounds exactly like him. My apologies, he told me you did it. Would you gentlemen care for a drink?”

“I would love a coffee. How about you, Andrew?”

“A coffee sounds good to me as well.”

“Here is a fresh pot the server just brought. Help yourself.”

“With all these cups on the table, you must have a lot of visitors?”

“You might say this is my office away from home. Now, what can I do for you today?”

“We were having a discussion with Wentworth before he had …accident, and he wanted to be forthcoming, but we got the feeling he was afraid.”

“Forthcoming about what?”

“While we were chasing a lead, a few goons showed up at our subject’s apartment and put about a hundred holes in the place.”

“Would this be the apartment of Jerry Foster?”

“Hmmm. How did you know?”

“I read in the paper that his place was the target of a drive-by shooting.”

“Already in the papers, huh.”

“Yes, detective.”

“Would you have any information on who sent the shooters?”

“I might have a lead, yes.”

“Would you be willing to share this lead?”

“As you know, detective information has great value. Might I enquire as to why you want to know?”

“Other than almost getting killed ourselves, we think Foster was the target which would make him part of our ongoing investigation into who killed Sandusky and Rafferty.”

“Why is that?”

“As you say, information has value. Before I tell you why I think Foster was the target, I need to know who ordered the hit.”

“I don’t want to spread vicious lies, so let me just say I believe if you investigate Spencer Taggett, you may get some answers.”

“Spencer Taggett, the Assistant District attorney?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“What does he have to do with this mess?”

“All I’m saying is if you check around, you might make a connection between him, Ned Dixon, and Janice Rafferty. Now, why do you think Jerry Foster was the target?”

“I thought it was because he overheard an argument between you and Rafferty.”

“So, you would believe I ordered the hit?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“If I had ordered the hit, detective. You nor Foster would be still around. No, it wasn’t me. More coffee?”

“No, thank you, Joachim. We do appreciate your hospitality and information, though. We need to be going.”

“If you want my advice.”

“Yes, sir, we would welcome your advice.”

“I would get back to Boston, where you have some authority and shake the trees on Rafferty and Dixon.”

“Yeah, that is good advice. We already know they shared a room here, so there’s not much more we can learn.”

“Plus, you will get out of Taggett’s jurisdiction, which might be healthier for you all the way around.”

“Great talking with you, Joachim. You take care of yourself.”

“Be careful out there, detective. I’d take the sideroads to the airport if I were you.”

“Thanks again.”


  1. I can’t trust the word of a man who would so easily take the detective’s word over one of his family. I shall await further developments with, as they say, bated breath.

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    1. He’s a son-in-law. Maybe he knows him well. Thanks, Keith.


  2. The Assistant District Attorney, eh? Hmmm. I await further developments.

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    1. Do not stand on one foot waiting. A week is a long time. Thanks, Liz.

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      1. Good advice! I would definitely topple over and have to call for help.

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  3. Not sure it’s wise to trust everything one reads in the paper. What a great word “goon!” I haven’t heard that since I was a kid. Nice, John!

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    1. The advice is to believe half of what you hear and none of what you read. I liked the word “goons” and you are right. We never hear that word these days. Thanks, Jill.

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  4. I’m trying to work this out. Cortez seems too easy a target, but He’s also hard to ignore. The DA? How could he be involved? Now, I could sip my coffee and try to figure it out, or I could wait a week. Maddie wants to go out. I guess I’ll wait. I think the boys have done good leads, but I worry about that last bit of advice. I’d take the highway to the airport – now.

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    1. Cortez is a larger than life character. He comes and he goes but you are right too hard to ignore. I never liked that ADA. He seemed a little too slick for my taste. Yes a week should bring some answers. Take the back roads guys. Thanks, Dan

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  5. He’s far too friendly and helpful.

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    1. It looks that way doesn’t it? Thanks, Charles.


  6. Gwen M. Plano · · Reply

    Humm, I’m not one to easily trust the newspapers. That said, I love the photo of the girls. I think you should open a YouTube channel featuring the two of them. 😀

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    1. That might be fun. Not sure these two would cooperate though. They are approaching Diva behaviors. Thaks, Gwen. 😁


  7. I have to agree with Charles on this one – I’m suspicious.

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    1. Hahaha. I thught he was too friendly too. Well, let’s see how the trip to Boston goes. Thanks, Teri.


  8. Sounds like we might be headed back to Boston.

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    1. Yup. Pack a mask.

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      1. I laughed at that, but probably shouldn’t have.

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      2. No it was an attempt to be funny. The laugh was appreciated.

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  9. Hmm, interesting discussion. Great dialogue, although now I don’t know what to think!

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    1. Put it on the shelf till next week.

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  10. Even if they high-tail it back to Boston — via the back roads, no less — there’s a wealth of things that can go wrong here. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop!


  11. Yanno… much as he seems such an affable man, I’d not trust Cortez further than I can throw him… as to back roads? I think not!
    Can’t wait for next week!

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    1. Yes. He weighs over 200, so trust does not go a long way.

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      1. Right. I won’t be throwing him at all…

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  12. All things considered, this little coffee kaffeeklatsch could have gone much worse than it did. Cortez is like that old E F Hutton commercial. When he talks, people really do tend to listen . . .

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    1. So true. Thaks, Marc.

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  13. Oooo, you did a great job with this episode, John. Amazing work. It’s exciting to see the Sandusky name again.
    Okay… something I can’t quite grasp tickles my memory about the ADA. And I admit that I’ve forgotten who Dixon is — I just remember it should be important.
    Cortez’s warning to take the side roads is ominous. Hugs on the wing!


    1. Dixon is the guy who was with Mrs. Rafferty at the ski resort the night Mr. Rafferty was killed.


  14. Side roads and goony toads,
    No semi’s with heavy loads…
    Danger lurks with many snakes,
    Best not try to pump the brakes…


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    1. Hahahaha Funny stuff.


  15. Well, he was certainly friendly – and chatty. But, can they trust him? I think not! Great segment, John!

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    1. I don’t think anyone is trust worthy. Thank you, Jan. 😁


  16. D.L. Finn, Author · · Reply

    He seemed so willing to share, which always worries me. Sounds like a long drive to the airport!

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    1. Me too on the worry. Yes a long or maybe too short a drive.

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  17. The plot thickens even more, just when I thought they were about to wrap it up! I’ll be needing a glass of wine to get me through the suspense!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Here take a bottle.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So generous of you! And … the good stuff, at that! Thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Nothing but the best. 😁

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  18. This was a juicy episode, John. I didn’t expect Cortez to be so cooperative and forthcoming. Perhaps it is the Assistant DA and he is right, or perhaps he just wants Larry and Andrew to go away. Let’s hope they make it to the airport unscathed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The airport is many miles away, Jennie. Let;s hope so.

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