Today I am with Dan Antion at No Facilities

Dan Antion and I are hanging out at Dan’s favorite bar. He invited me to stop by and have a drink and talk about Eternal Road – The final stop. You have to come with me since Cheryl and David will be there too. It will be fun they said.

Here is the link.


A little about Dan and his blog in his words.

“The title of this blog, “No Facilities” was inspired almost 40 years ago when I drove into West Virginia for the first time. I was on my way to check out an apartment that had been rented on my behalf near WVU, where I would finish my undergraduate degree in Chemistry. After I entered the state, I hopped on a 10-mile segment of the then unfinished I-79. A sign near an unfinished Rest Area said “Welcome to West Virginia” with “No Facilities” on a small sign that was screwed onto the bottom.

The sentiment of that phrase has morphed from the whiney complaint of an 18-year-old student who didn’t fully appreciate how lucky he was to even be attending college, to a badge of honor. In fact, “no facilities” has dominated my life and livelihood. As a systems developer, I made my living creating what wasn’t included by the architects and builders. The systems that could be but weren’t, are the things I spent 42 years designing and building. Retired now, I enjoy making things; furniture, cabinetry, new spaces in and around our house are all fertile ground for my hobbies.”

A visit to Dan’s blog is an uplifting experience.

Some of Dan’s favorite things

Maddie and Smokey






  1. I just came from Dan’s. What fun to see you there with the bar crowd!

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    1. Thank you, Dan. It was special for sure. 😁

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  2. Heading over now!

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  3. What a nice post, John – thank you! And thanks for joining me at the bar. It was good of you to give up some time, and it was fun.

    I hope you can relax a bit and enjoy the cooler temps before those 90s return.

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    1. Yes today is going to be in the low 80s so we have one more plesant day.

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  4. Headed over to the bar to see what you guys are up to.

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  5. Great post fellas!

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    1. Thank you, Jill.

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  6. Wonderful, John! Heading over!

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  7. On my way over to the bar now. I like the location. Supplies already on hand. 😁

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  8. Great post, John! Heading over now!

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    1. Thank you, Lauren.

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  9. John! This is a win-win post. First, I just came from Dan’s bar (Cheryl’s bar) to meet you. That was fun, and your new book is certainly the cat’s meow… oh wait, Twiggy and Lucy, it’s the dog’s woof. And then, you tell your readers how Dan came to use No Facilities as his blog name. All these years, and I never knew. Funny thing, I’m from WV, and I know those roads and signs. Bottom line – your book is a winner.


    1. Thank you, Jennie. Glad to hear all this makes sense. 😁

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      1. You’re, John. It does! 🙂

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  10. Hi John, leaving a comment here before heading over – I can relate to those “No Facilities” signs, but also their greater meaning.

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    1. Yes it is true. Thanks, Barbara.

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  11. John, this is a wonderful introduction post to Dan’s blog! I was at the bar yesterday so know how that went. It was a great read too! It was lovely seeing you at the bar with the usual suspects.

    Best of luck with the new book. I bought my Kindle edition yesterday.

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    1. Thank you so much, Deborah. I hope you enjoy it.

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      1. I’m sure I will!😄

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