Today I’m with Helen Valentina

Today I’m with Helen Valentina with a new excerpt from Eternal Road – The final stop. Come join us. Here is the link

New Book Launch Eternal Road -The final stop by John W. Howell


A Little about Helen in her words

“My name is Helen Valentina, and I am a writer who loves to explore why we do the things we do and how our characters are formed by our beliefs and actions. This blog will mainly showcase my poetry, but will also promote my longer works – such as novels.

The theme of Elemental Writing I am using is an attempt to identify the key element of any piece of work – for instance, poetry or prose that mainly reflects emotional ideas would be ‘water’, whereas ego, action, and passion ideas might be best identified as ‘fire’ and so on.

This partly reflects a separate interest of mine, the tarot deck, and its elucidation of life in terms of the elements depicted in the Minor Arcana (Cups= Water/emotions, Swords= Air/intellect, Pentacles = Earth/the material, and Wands= Fire/passion, action and ego.) when considered against the journey of the soul’s development through the Major Arcana.

But this isn’t a New Age blog, it’s just a theme to organise my work, so don’t feel you have to get out incense and meditation tapes to spend any time here. 🙂

Now my words.

Helen writes passionate and compelling poetry and stories. Her work always leaves me thinking about what she wrote. I have images to consider that Helen has conjured with her words. She is a true artist whose medium is the written word.

Here is a short poem written by Helen

Weep for Us

In this hour
As our foolishness descends
And of our friends
Are only foes
We scarce can comprehend our woes
Then close your wings
Around these sacred things
And weep for us

In this year
When sanity gave way to fear
And all comes clear
This wretched fate
We only understand too late
Please close your wings
And from the seat of heaven sing
And weep for us

(c) Helen Valentina 2020



  1. Thanks for sharing that lovely poem, John. Am heading over to Helen’s site now. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Marcia.

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  2. Been and seen! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Harmony. 😁


  3. Lovely poem of Helen’s and great to learn about her here, John 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Harmony. She is extremely talented.


  4. Thanks for sharing, John!

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  5. A beautiful poem, John. I’ll go tell her right now.

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  6. How exciting to meet someone else who loves Tarot cards! I’m heading over!

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  7. Thanks for sharing about Helen and her poem is beautiful, John! I’m on my way now. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Lauren 😁

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