Andrew Joyce Has A Limited Offer You Can’t Refuse – #Free Audio Book – Redemption



Winner of the 2013 Editors’ Choice Award for Best Western

Three men come together in the town of Redemption Colorado, each for his own purpose. Huck Finn is a famous lawman not afraid to use his gun to protect the weak. He has come to right a terrible wrong. After his wife’s death, Tom Sawyer has no desire to live; he has come to die. The third man, the Laramie Kid, a killer Huck and Tom befriended years earlier has come to kill a man. For these three men, Death is a constant companion. For these three men, it’s their last chance for redemption.

I have eighteen promo codes (good only in the US) for a free copy of my audiobook Redemption: The Further Adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. I’d like to give them out in exchange for an honest review on Audible. However, only the first eighteen people responding will get them. If you are interested, please email me at

Here’s a link to the book on Audible so you can check it out: Redemption Audiobook

Thank you,

Andrew Joyce


  1. D.L. Finn, Author · · Reply

    What a great offer. I prefer to read over listening, but does sound like a good read.

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  2. What an interesting premise for a book!

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    1. I think so too. I signed up for the audio book.😊

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      1. I’ll probably get the kindle version πŸ™‚ But right now, am reading this wonderful book about a guy and a gal, driving an old car…

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      2. Oooooh I’ve read that bood. They say the author is nuts. 😁

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      3. Do they? They are wrong. I think he is delightful.

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      4. Aw shucks. *kicks can.

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      5. Links arms with friend… c’mon now…

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  3. Thanks for sharing, John!

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  4. Thanks for sharing, John. The book sounds great, so I’ll look into it. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks, Lauren.

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