The Last Drive Tour with Stephen Geez

Today Stephen Geez is providing an assist in getting out the word on The Last Drive. Here is the link to his post. 


Retired TV producer and composer/producer of music for television, Stephen Geez has mellowed into the lakeside-living life of a writer, editor, graphic artist, and Fresh Ink Group publisher. His work includes novels, short fiction, personal-experience essays, blogs, GeezWriter How-To material for authors, podcasts, video scripts, marketing content, and more.

Geez is the founding member of Fresh Ink Group, which is found at Originally an organization for providing literary management to him and his writer friends, the group (FIG) has grown and morphed into author services and is now a full publishing company producing and distributing worldwide hardcover, soft-cover, and multi-platform ebook editions along with supporting media such as book trailers. Currently, he divides his time between his own writing and working with other authors in all aspects of the industry, from editing to graphic design to marketing. Stephen has authored and published 17 titles. Visit his Author’s Amazon site to see them all

For more information on Stephen or Fresh Ink Group, visit Stephen’s website at

One of Stephen’s books- Click for Amazon

Thank you, Stephen, for helping support the launch.

I have closed the comments so you can direct all your energy to Stephen’s post.

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