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The Last Drive Tour with Marcia Meara

What a delight to be with Marcia Meara to talk about The Last Drive. You can visit her blog HERE. I really got to know Marcia when she was a member of Story Empire. I joined after she was a member, and she made me feel welcome and was always ready to help a novice […]

The Last Drive Tour with Annette Rochelle Aben.

I am happy to be with fellow Michigander Annette Rochelle Aben to discuss The Last Drive. You can visit Annette’s post HERE. Annette can be described as a Communicator, WordSmith, Artist, Guide, Mentor, and Muse. She is all of these things. As a communicator, she is a trained radio broadcaster and has a blog talk […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Lakeway Heritage Tour

Today we are going on the heritage tour of Lakeway. There are 22 stops, and we will be chauffeured in a brand-new bus. Of course, we will have to take our bus to get there. We are catered by Odd Duck of Austin, and our entertainment is The Who. Menu Starters Gulf seafood ceviche, carrot […]

Saturday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Twiggy Messing Around

“Lucy. What are you doing?” “Who says I’m Lucy?” “What do you mean, ‘who says I’m Lucy?’ I say you’re Lucy.” “Look closer, pesky puma. There is a water buffalo stalking you.” “We just played this yesterday. Let’s do something else.” “Play puma? Play? Do you think this is a game?” “You’re funny, Lucy. We […]

Friday JohnKu – AKA – TGIF – Fri-Yay/Good News

Today’s good news story comes from the Good News Network. Here it is in its entirety. Aviation Startup ZeroAvia Flies Largest-Ever Hydrogen Electric Aircraft By Andy Corbley Jan 24, 2023 An aviation start-up just set a new world-first for the largest hydrogen-powered aircraft flight in history—a 19-seat aircraft called the Dornier 228. Designed by ZeroAvia, […]

The Last Drive Tour with Joan Hall

I am excited to be with Joan Hall to talk about The Last Drive. You can visit her post HERE. Joan and I are both members of Story Empire. Since the time I joined, I have always been impressed by Joan’s professional approach to writing. Also, she is quick to help fellow writers with questions […]

The last Drive Tour with Keith Channing

I am delighted to be visiting Keith Channing’s blog today. He is helping spread the word about The Last Drive. You can visit the post HERE. Each Monday, Keith publishes a photo and asks for submissions. I have been submitting a story using his photo as a prompt since August 6th, 2015. Prior to my […]

The Last Drive Tour with Noelle Granger.

Today Noelle Granger is helping to spread the word about The Last Drive. You can visit her post HERE. Noelle has published four books. The very popular The Last Pilgrim and three in the Rea Brewster Mystery series. She has also published short stories and essays, and blogs on WordPress at Sayling Away.  You can […]

The Last Drive with Darlene Foster

I’m delighted to be at Darlene’s place today. She is letting me visit to talk about The Last Drive. You can visit Darlene and me right HERE. Darlene has written ten books books. Nine of them feature her character Amanda in various travel destinations. The books are very popular and as a result Darlene has […]

Views of the Neighborhood – GOOD “TIME” SCAVENGER HUNT – Part II

Well, we are back to finish the scavenger hunt. If you missed part I, you can go HERE and check it out. We will be doing the even numbers today. We are catered by Nixta of Austin. Our entertainment is Chicago. So jump on, and let’s go. So, right away, we have a problem. This […]