The last Drive Tour with Keith Channing

I am delighted to be visiting Keith Channing’s blog today. He is helping spread the word about The Last Drive. You can visit the post HERE.

Each Monday, Keith publishes a photo and asks for submissions. I have been submitting a story using his photo as a prompt since August 6th, 2015. Prior to my joining in Keith had published 39 photos. He just finished number 392. So I have participated with Keith in 353 stories over the last seven years. Keith has also published 13 books. You can see them all on his Amazon page.

More about Keith in his own words.

“My work background was in insurance and IT. When I retired in 2005 at the tender age of 56, my wife Clare and I sold up and moved to a small hamlet in the middle of France, where we stayed for thirteen years. In 2019, we relocated to South Yorkshire with our two dogs.

During my working life, I spent five years living in Dubai and two years in Tanzania, which had an enormous effect on shaping my world view and my way of looking at life.

As a writer of fiction, I make up and write lies (and some poetry – mostly limericks) for the sheer pleasure of doing it. These lies generally end up on my blog at, as do a few of the photographs I take from time to time.”

Keith’s latest- click for Amazon.

Thank you, Keith, for helping to spread the word on The Last Drive.

I have closed the comments so that every word in Keith’s comment section is original.


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