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Life, Death & Other Characters by Geoff Le Pard #Newbook  I am pleased to welcome Geoff Le Pard, who has a new book in paper and Kindle. Many of you know Geoff’s work from his blog and his other books. I hope more of you get to experience Geoff’s unique way of telling a story, a poem, an anecdote, or a […]

Death at the Asylum by Noelle Granger #newbook

  I am very pleased to have Noelle Granger join me today. She is launching a new book and is here to tell you about it. Noelle, the floor is yours. Thank you so much, John. Death at the Asylum is the fifth book in the Rhe Brewster series. The others are Death in a […]

In the Trees Shadow by D. L. Finn #newbook

Today, I am happy to welcome fellow Story Empire contributor and blogging buddy D.L. Finn to Fiction Favorites. She has a new collection of stories to tell you about, and if these are like her others, this will be an enjoyable collection to own and enjoy.   Thank you for having me visit today, John, […]

Guest Post – Gwen Plano – #newbook – Redemption – A Father’s Fatal Decision

Today I am happy to host Gwen Plano, who has a new release to discuss. The post is all yours, Gwen. Thank you, John, for inviting me to your site today. It would be fun to hop on the Lakeway bus and get a tour of your beautiful area. Maybe someday! Though not as exciting […]

Joan Hall Guesting Today to Talk About Her #newbook – Menagerie

I am so happy to have Joan Hall visit today. Joan is a fellow member of Story Empire, and she has a new book that sounds fascinating. Come on in, Joan, and tell us about your latest. The Homecoming Thanks so much for hosting me today, John. It’s a pleasure to visit you and to […]

The Last Drive – Sequel to Eternal Road – is Now Available on Amazon #newbook

I’m pleased to say The Last Drive is now available on Amazon in paper and Kindle formats. I have a full tour beginning on January 4th, but to prepare, it was necessary to secure the links by publishing. I didn’t want to do a pre-order, so I went live. Also, this means that the tour […]

Guest Post – Harmony Kent – #newbook Sorrowful Soul

Today I am very happy to host a fellow Story Empire contributor and friend, Harmony Kent. She is here to share information about her latest book of poetry. So please welcome Harmony to Fiction Favorites Thanks so much, John for hosting me today. It’s always wonderful to visit with you. Here’s a little bit I’d […]

Guest Post – Jacquie Biggar – Letting Go The Defiant Sisters book 1 #newbook

  I’m so happy to have Jacquie Biggar as a guest on Fiction Favorites. Jacquie is a Romance author who writes stories and characters in such a way that even an old crusty like me can enjoy them. She is here to talk about her latest book, Letting Go – The Defiant Sisters Book 1. […]

Guest Post with D Wallace Peach and The Necromancer’s Daughter #newbook

I am so pleased to welcome a fellow Story Empire participant and fabulous writer Diana Peach to Fiction Favorites. She is here to tell you about her latest book The Necromancer’s Daughter. Diana the post is yours. Greetings John. Thanks for hosting me today at your blog. I thought I’d do a spin-off of one […]

Guest Post – Lisa Burton Talking About The Midnight Rambler by Craig Boyack #newbook

I am very pleased to welcome Lisa Burton-Robot Spokesperson back to Fiction Favorites. Craig Boyack her boss, has a hit series featuring Lizzie and her sidekick The Hat. This is book six in the series. I have read and enjoyed the first three and have the latest three on my Kindle. Craig’s books never fail […]