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War of Nytefall: Savagery by Charles E Yallowitz – Blog Tour

It’s Monster vs Monster and Only One will Keep His Head! For the first time in over a century, Clyde will know what it means to feel powerless and weak. Headless bodies appearing across Windemere is only the beginning as Clyde faces the terrifying vampire hunter, Alastyre.  Able to match the Dawn Fang leader in […]

Welcome to Harmony Kent and Her New Release – The Vanished Boy

I am very pleased to welcome Harmony Kent to my blog to talk about her latest mystery suspense novel. So without further delay . . . Hi everyone. Harmony here. Thanks so much, John, for letting me visit with you today. I’m so thrilled to share the launch of my latest book with you all. […]

New Book – Ghostly Interference by Jan Sikes

Jan Sikes has an exciting new book and a new publisher. Here she is to tell you about her book. Welcome, Jan. Hi, John! Thank you so much for opening your awesome blog site to me to help spread the word about my new book, Ghostly Interference! Your generosity is much appreciated! Today, I’m going […]

Welcome to Gwen Plano and Her Latest Book, The Culmination, a new beginning.

  Thank you, John, for inviting me to your blog to help launch The Culmination, a new beginning. The book is now public on Amazon, and I’m super excited. To celebrate, the Kindle edition is on sale at 99¢ through December. So, what’s the book about? The Culmination can best be described as a military thriller. […]

The Launch of The Culmination by Gwen Plano

  I just found out that Gwen Plano is launching her new book The Culmination – A new beginning and she is having difficulties with her blog. So here is the link. Give Gwen a visit and cheer her on. I’ll be back on December 11th with more on this book. Thanks,  

Today I’m with Sally G. Cronin on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I am so pleased to be visiting Sally G, Cronin on her Smorgasbord Blog Magazine. She is featuring Eternal Road – The final stop today along with Teri Polen and Jack Easan. I’m so thankful for her help. Here is the link. Here is a little about Sally in her words. “I have enjoyed […]

Announcing the Launch – War of Nytefall Ravenous by Charles E. Yallowitz

The world of the Dawn Fangs is about to explode into chaos thanks to Desirae Duvall. In the shadows of Windemere, fangs are sprouting from the least likely of maws. News is spreading that wild beasts with vampiric natures have been attacking mortals and carrying off random victims. With the Dawn Fangs still a secret […]

Thursday – A little Personal – Book Launch Day

Eternal Road – The final stop is Now Available in Paper and Kindle Formats. For the Introduction, the Kindle edition is on sale at 99¢. The Price Will Never be Lower. Universal links Kindle Paper The Blurb James Wainwright picks up a hitchhiker and discovers two things 1. The woman he picks up is his childhood […]

Announcing the Launch of HMS Lanternfish by C.S. Boyack

Hey everyone. I’m so glad to be able to participate in the launch of Craig Boyack’s new book. One of the reasons I’m glad is Lisa Buton, Craig’s spokesperson is here in person.  So not to waste a moment here is Lisa. Hi, John. We’ve got to stop meeting up like this, or people are […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Danny the Dog Book Launch

“Hey, Lucy. What are all those people looking at?” “They are here because we have a special guest. Come down here cause we have a job to do.” “Does it involve speaking to these folks?” “Yes, it does.” “You know I’m timid, right?” “Yeah, right.  You’ll get over it. This is a great day, and you’ll […]