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Tuesday – Anything Possible

    As those of you who often visit know, I sometimes come across things on the beach that strike a prompt chord in my writing head. This yellow bottle was no exception. I have never seen any trash wash up on the beach with anything but English or Spanish labels and directions. When I […]

Tuesday – Anything possible – A Story

  I came across this fifty-gallon barrel while riding on the beach. Although it is sturdy plastic, it still shows signs of extreme wear. As you can see, the bottom is completely ripped open. I can’t imagine how long the barrel was in the water but given all the bi-halves and algae it must have […]

Tuesday- Anything Possible – Short Story.

  These pictures are not a setup. I found the little man perched on a piece of driftwood just as you see him. So that you get some context, the next picture is further away. I was amazed by the fact that this little figure washed onto the beach and took up a spot as […]

Tuesday – Anything Possible- Sequel to My GRL Estimated in June

    I got an e-mail Friday indicating the sequel to My GRL will be published sometime in June. The operating title of the sequel is His Revenge and is the story of Billionaire Matt Jacob’s desire to avenge the actions of John J. Cannon. John spoiled Jacob’s opportunity to score a spectacular event by […]

Tuesday – Anything Possible

  Hey, I just wanted to take a moment to remind all you beautiful people to look over to the right on the sidebar. There is some interesting stuff over there and if you hang out in the reader you just might not have seen it for a while. Yes, I have a book for […]

Tuesday Discussion – Anything is Possible

I get a little lonely on Tuesday. This and Sunday are the two days of the week I have nothing planned to post. Since I’m a slave to writing this leaves a small pent-up place that needs relief. I think a good thing to do is to discuss anything that is relevant to the time. […]