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Ten Things Not to Do at an ART Show

The inspiration for this list is some art shows going on here in South Texas. I can’t say I have done any of these things but have certainly witnessed some of them. I hope you enjoy. Ten Things Not to Do at an Art Show 10 If you are attending an art show, do not […]

Views of the Neighborhood

My apologies in advance for a somewhat random post. I began the day with the desire to put up some pictures of a few of the unusual ways businesses attract customers. We have our share of sharks and Octopuses, but there are a few others. As I was heading out, I happen to catch a […]

The Stars in the Sky (Starlight Book Release)

Originally posted on The Claymore and Surcoat:
Today is the day! After my whole family spent a week eating cereal for dinner and the laundry piled up, it’s finally the big day! My Highland books are always the hardest for me because I tend to get REALLY emotionally involved. Can’t help it. It’s SCOTLAND. I’ve…

Top Ten Things Not to Do at a High School Reunion – Replay

As you may know, I have taken a temporary assignment in organized commerce. I have been entirely consumed in that task so if you will forgive me I’m running a Top Ten Things Not to Do from the past. Next week may not be so hectic, so I will get some new material together (I hope) […]

Views of the Neighborhood

The city of Port Aransas does not allow food trucks to operate within the city limits.  If you want a good meal, snack or drink on the quick and you want high quality there are some excellent places to go. Here is one of the famous places. It is called Tropical Sno and is in […]

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “If/Then”

If you don’t know, it is Saturday Stream of Consciousness time again. This week’s prompt is “If/Then.” Linda Hill also is allowing bonus points for beginning the post with “If” and ending the post with “Then.” If you would like to participate here is the link to check out. If/Then by John W. Howell © 2016 […]

His Revenge by John W. Howell @HowellWave #thriller #ASMSG #RRBC

Originally posted on POTL: All Things Books, Reading and Publishing:
? Title: His Revenge Author: John W. Howell Genre: Thriller ? Blurb: The second John J Cannon story continues John’s wish to bring the terrorist Matt Jacobs to justice. In the first book, My GRL, John was able to thwart the plot to destroy the…


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