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Views of the Neighborhood – Another House Build

We are off to view another home today. We want to look at this one because it is being built next to the runway at the Lakeway airport. It seems like a big joint, so we have to go through it. We are being catered by Tyson’s Tacos of Austin. I figured tacos are good […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Lamps

Lakeway has an ordinance that all homes need to have a lamp in the front of the house. Since there are no street lamps here, the regulation is very practical. Without the house lamps, it would be very dark indeed. The nice part about the individual lamps is that the night sky is protected from […]

Views of the Neighborhood – End of Summer Potpourri and #Tinypies

Hello again. Today we are going to wrap up the summer with a tour around the neighborhood. You can expect anything since this will be a random mix of some scenes from the last week. Our catered brunch is from Tiny Boxwoods in Austin. Our entertainment is the Boss Bruce Springsteen. Menu Fruit & Yogurt […]

Views of the Neighborhood – New Construction – Take Two

Hi gang. Today we are going back to the house under construction in the neighborhood. There has been some progress, and frankly, it has been a slow week in terms of events in Lakeway.  We are being catered to brunch by the Launderette in Austin. Our entertainment is The Bangles. Menu Rainbow Bowl beet hummus, […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Cool Arts Show

Today we are going to an art show. This is a show of local artists and is held at the Activities Center. After that, we are going to have brunch in the park. We are being catered by Paperboys in Austin. Our entertainment is Miranda Lambert. BRUNCH Menu quiche daily selection tossed arugula lemongrass cured […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Shark Week Scavenger Hunt – Part Two

Welcome back to Part Two of the Shark Week Scavenger hunt. If you missed last week you can go HERE and take a look. Today we are being catered by Biderman’s Deli. I asked them to package up their most popular sandwiches. So you can take your choice.  Today’s entertainment is Chicago. Menu House Reuben […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Shark Week Scavenger Hunt – Part One

Today we are participating in the shark week scavenger hunt. There are ten different sharks and our job is to follow the clues and find the fins that have been hidden in the park. Since this might be a taxing exercise (mainly to me) we will do it in two parts. Next week will finish […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Mail Box Topper Visit

Well, today, gang, we will go out into the Lakeway neighborhood to see if there are any new and different mailbox toppers. It has been over a year since we checked them out, so it is about time. We are being catered by Café No Sé in Austin. Since I still have not figured out […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do When You Need a Rest Area.

    This list first ran on July 28th in 2014. Since summer travel is going on now, I thought it would be relevant. Also, it was about a year after Top Ten things Not to Do started. *** Here is the 56th installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do. So, with […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Lawn Ornamentation

Today we are going out to view some of the lawn ornamentation that is around Lakeway. Yes, we have brunch catered by Bangers in Auston. Also, if you want, you can view a video on how they make their sausage. There is a link below. Today’s entertainment will be me playing the wax paper comb […]