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Views of the Neighborhood – Community Spirit

  Continuing with my thoughts on maintaining a positive focus regarding Hurricane Harvey, I am featuring three separate groups who have set up relief points in town. All the goods in these relief locations are donations from kind folks outside of Port Aransas. These contributions have made a difference in helping folks through a very tough time. Our […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Harvey Update

I started out to capture the after photos of some of the places that I have featured on my blog. As you’ll recall, almost all of the photos shown were colorful and full of fun. After taking a number of the after shots, I simply stopped. Seeing these places as they appear now doesn’t capture […]

Views of the Neighborhood

We are so happy to finally be able to go back to our home in Port Aransas. The water, electricity, and sewer are all functional. None of the repairs have started, but the house is livable. We need to say goodbye to Austin This first picture is of the State Capital building in Austin The spirit of […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Austin

Since we are still in Austin and looks like we will be for another week at least, this edition of Viewscomes from where we are since the views of Port Aransas are not very pretty. Here is a shot of the capital building taken from 5th Avenue and Lamar which is close to where we […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Evacuees in Austin

This post normally has views of Port Aransas, but in case you don’t know we have evacuated from there to Austin. We still do not have information on the condition of our home, but we are all safe. I had intended to take photos of the state capital and other sights, but the rain has […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Fence Art

Driving around Port Aransas I generally see things that I want to photograph. This week the producer insisted we record some of them. This post is called fence art for reasons you’ll see in a moment. I know you can’t see this very well from this distance but I wanted to give you a perspective. […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Potporri

This week I thought I would show you some photos that were taken with the hopes of being a series that would be good for a Views of the Neighborhood feature. Well, they just didn’t pan out so if you will bear with me I present them as stand alone shots. I hope you like […]