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Views of the Neighborhood – Fall in Lakeway

The rain stopped, and the temps went into the 60s. Time to get out and try to find fall color here in Lakeway. Come on along and let’s see if there is any. You can tell the upper atmosphere is frigid. The jet contrails are very visible. This is about as colorful as the trees […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Watch Paint Dry

Here is the front door. it is a neutral color that neither adds or detracts from the front view. I have applied masking tape to the glass. Some would rather scrape after the fact but I like to keep scraping to a minimum. I take the knobs off the doors. Some like to mask them […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Car Show

Last Sunday, there was an auto show in the next town of Bee Cave. It is called the Rolling Sculpture Car Show. The show benefitted the Bee Cave Library, and there were over 120 cars on display. There were antique, custom, restored, and new vehicles. Of course, I can’t post 120 pictures, so here is […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Halloween Decorations

Now that it is close to Halloween, I thought you might enjoy some photos of a few of the decorations around the neighborhood. So here goes. This shot was taken inside the Lakeway Activities Center. I guess these folks have been kept waiting a while. You have to look hard at this one. There are […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Rough Hollow Yacht Club

I wandered over to the Rough Hollow Yacht Club just to see how the other half lives. I must say the place is beautiful. Here are some photos. While walking toward the view, the restaurant is on your left. Pretty nice outdoor/indoor space. Just past the restaurant, there is this view of the yacht basin. Another […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Fall Festival

Last weekend was the Fall Fest at Emmaus Catholic Parish. The fest is a major fundraiser for the Parish. I stopped by and was amazed at everything that was going on. I thought you would enjoy seeing it as well. This post has way too many photos, but this is a fraction of those I […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Water

Water is vital to all of us. In Lakeway, we have had very little rain for the last two months. This week’s View of the Neighborhood is focused on our Water supply Here is a photo that was taken in May of the kayak launch site on Lake Travis. Here it was yesterday. Notice the […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Heritage Wrap Up

Last week we took a long look at the Leibolt cabin. I checked some previous posts and saw there were some heritage points that I have not shown. So this week completes the heritage collection of Lakeway. I hope you enjoy The first store in Lakeway called the Country Store built in 1969. The plaque […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Lakeway Heritage

On Friday I indicated I was going on a Lakeway heritage tour. Well, I did it and discovered that I have already shared most of the stops with you. The bus tour did not allow getting off the bus but did start at the Liebelt Cabin. So I have devoted this blog to it. Here is a […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Things I Missed

Last week I ran a post on the art of Lakeway. I missed a few pieces, so I want to give you an update. This is a bronze sculpture and shows two playing chess and is titled “The Game” by artist Robert Homes. It is out in front of the Justice Center. A better shot of the […]