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Views of the Neighborhood – When It’s Hot

There is nothing like Summer in South Texas. The above heat index map was from yesterday at 11:30 AM. We live under the right side of the  0 in the number 103 F. (That’s 39.444 degrees C) The forecasted high could go to 110. So what does one do to beat the heat around here? […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Deep Sea Round-Up

  The Deep Sea Round-Up is an annual fishing tournament held in Port Aransas and benefits scholarships for students and community youth activities. It is the 83rd annual Of course, you need a T-shirt. And a goofy picture. The main stage with all the sponsors listed. The neighborhood pirate ship. Here is the leaderboard where the […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Fourth of July Parade

Our neighborhood has a Fourth of July Day day parade. The neighbors decorate, wagons, bikes, and golf carts and have a parade. The parade was led by four National Guardsmen who volunteered to be with us on the Fourth Followed by a decorated cart and bicycle. More bikes and a blue golf cart. A green […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Harvey Update

I did say I would not be showing the damage of Hurricane Harvey since I felt it too personal. Today I am giving you a view of those places that will in all probability not be repaired and the owners have gone elsewhere. This home is vacant. Note the color of the sky. That is […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Check on the Birding Center

I decided to go by the Leonabell Turnbull Birding Center to see how much progress has been made on the Hurricane Harvey reconstruction. Join me as we walk about The Farley boat has been replanted The plant labels are back. This is a Firecracker plant. A new information sign with leaflet containers. This is a […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Charlies Pasture

We have always like to visit Charlies Pasture nature preserve. The last time we were here the Hurricane damage prevented us from entering. There are still no cars allowed but we took a walk past the gate to see how the park fared in the hurricane. Here is the locked main gate. You can see […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Nashville Indiana

I am in Nashville Indiana to attend the High School graduation of my granddaughter. This week’s Views of the Neighborhood will give you a small taste of the town. On the outskirts is the Bean Blossom overlook Spectacular view. Another View. The reason for the trip. My Summa Cum Laude grandaughter. Pay no attention to that old guy […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Guest Post by Mae Clair

I know it is a little odd to see a guest post on the day I usually run a Views of the Neighborhood. I’ve done this for two reasons. 1. My friend Mae Clair is launching a new book and I want to help spread the word. 2. I am in Phoenix this weekend with […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Art Fair

Yesterday was the kind of day that we locals like to get away from the beach. Here is a shot straight out from the cart over at eight AM. Pretty nice. Here is a photo looking south from the cart over at eight AM. A little congested but nice. Same straight out view as before […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Go Topless Event

This weekend the beach was inundated with Jeep owners celebrating the topless season of Jeep ownership. Here is a description of the event from the All Things Jeep website. “Go Topless Day® is a spring tradition when we celebrate the return of warm weather and sense of fun and adventure that comes along with owning a […]