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Views of the Neighborhood – Fishing in Port A

I have to admit the activity list was a little sparse this week. There was one event worth noting. It was the Hook ’em and Book ’em Bay and Surf Fishing Tournament. This one benefits the Port Aransas Police Foundation and the Police Department. Here is a shot of the trophies for the winners. There […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Invest 95L – Rain

This week was to be a pirate parade in honor of “Talk Like A Pirate” day here in Port Aransas. Unfortunately, the parade had to be canceled due to rain. We did get a lot of rain Friday and yesterday. Invest 95L dropped about eight inches before it was over. So instead of a parade here […]

Views of the Neighborhood – A Normal Day

Today’s View of the Neighborhood is very modest since it is the first go around. I thought I would capture a typical day at the beach. First, we take a look at the early morning sunshine through the rain clouds in a photo taken by the Producer. More rain later but the day is forecast […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Bailey Speaks

“Hi. I’m Bailey, and the canine sisters finally gave me an opportunity to say hello. The reason I’m here as you may guess is to let you know Pops is still not in a position to be roaming around the neighborhood taking photos. I think he could have done it this week, but I heard […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Twiggy Speaks

“Hi everyone. My name’s Twiggy. I just am taking a short break from playing in the dirt. Lucy kind of forced me to come out here and let you know that Dad will not be posting a Views of the Neighborhood. See he has this walker thingy and no approval from the doctor to be […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Golf Carts

This week I thought I would go out and see how the golf cart business is doing. Mid-week I went to Bron’s Beach Carts to take a photo of the lot. I did this so that I could come back on Saturday and take another shot. A lot filled on Wednesday and empty on Saturday means […]

Views of the Neighborhood – The Harbor

It’s such a nice day, I thought a walk around the Marina might be relaxing. Sorry about the lateness of this post. I messed up the scheduling. Hope you enjoy. The marina is connected to the park. This sign is a Hurricane Harvey survivor. Lots of nice boats. Two shrimp trawlers off in the distance. […]

Views of the Neighborhood -Surf Fishing

As you can see it is a beautiful day. The surf is calm and the winds have slowed. All this means the surf fisherfolk will be out in force. Good time to cruise around and see what we can see. A young man making breakfast. There is no fish but plenty of bacon. He obviously stayed the […]

Views of the Neighborhood – When It’s Hot

There is nothing like Summer in South Texas. The above heat index map was from yesterday at 11:30 AM. We live under the right side of the  0 in the number 103 F. (That’s 39.444 degrees C) The forecasted high could go to 110. So what does one do to beat the heat around here? […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Deep Sea Round-Up

  The Deep Sea Round-Up is an annual fishing tournament held in Port Aransas and benefits scholarships for students and community youth activities. It is the 83rd annual Of course, you need a T-shirt. And a goofy picture. The main stage with all the sponsors listed. The neighborhood pirate ship. Here is the leaderboard where the […]