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Views of the Neighborhood – The New Lakeway Police Station

Last weekend the new Lakeway Police headquarters had it’s grand opening. Of course, the Producer and I could not miss the event. The station is a great example of Texas Hill Country architecture. I took tons of photos and culled them down to those presented here. There are still quite a few and I hope […]

Views of the Neighborhood. Lakeway Park 25th Anniversary

Lakeway Park is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. As is fitting there was cake, kite flying, kayaking, and paddleboarding. The day was beautiful with temperatures in the high seventies. Come walk with me. The first aid tent which oversees the kayak and paddleboard lending. A couple of grandparents enjoying the day. Kites are in the air. […]

Views of the Neighborhood – SpringFest in Bee Cave.

I participated in a local author’s event sponsored by the Bee Cave Library. The event was part of SpringFest which was a huge festival held at the Bee Cave Galleria. (Say high-end shopping center) Here is a shot of my table before the other author arrived. There were six authors participating and we each got a […]

Views of the Neighborhood – The Hamilton Greenbelt

Today our walk through the neighborhood will be spent at the Hamilton Greenbelt. I hope you brought your walking shoes and enjoy the stroll. Here is the entrance to the Greenbelt. The land and perpetual care for the Greenbelt was donated by Lakeway residents Jack and Myrtle Hamilton who lived in Lakeway from 1975 to 1993. […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Lakeway Skate Park and Pool

Happy Easter to you.  This week our walk is to visit the skate park and community pool in Lakeway. It is a beautiful Easter day so come along. The first stop is an informative sign pointing out that dinosaurs used to roam this area. There a couple of footprint replicas below the information. Outside the pool […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Lakeway Air Park

There are several amazing things in Lakeway. One of them is an airport smack dab in the middle of houses and a golf course. The airport was originally used as a landing strip for a ranch. In 1964 a 3200-foot runway was built to support air interests of residents and later expanded to 3,983 feet. […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Garage Sale – Lakeway Style

There is a monthly garage sale in Lakeway at the Activity Center. The entrance to the event is free but a donation of food or money to help the homeless and the animal shelter is suggested. This 8,100 square foot building, with a theater seating capacity of 400, or a dinner seating capacity of 250, […]

Views of the Neighborhood – A Look at Lakeway Park

The park in Lakeway is celebrating the Twenty-Fifth anniversary.  Since the Producer and I have never visited in our three weeks here, we thought it a good idea. We were surprised by the size and services offered. As a side note, the city council bearly passed the approval for the park when it was first […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Mailbox Decorations

A lot of things are made of rock around here because it is plentiful. I noticed some substantial mailbox’s around the place, so I decided to take some photos of them to share with you. We do have some squirrels in the neighborhood. Here is a tribute to them. I haven’t seen any owls yet, […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Lakeway Texas –

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. This is the first Views of the Neighborhood from our new home. Today we are going a couple of blocks away to visit a park that celebrates service. This is not a place of loss but of recognition. It is here that the men and women from Lakeway who served in […]