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Views of the Neighborhood – Beach Clean Up

Each year the Texas General Land Office conducts two beach clean-up along the Gulf Coast. Since 1986 over 477,000 volunteers have collected over 17,000,000 pounds of trash. Yesterday was beach clean-up in Port Aransas. The event participants are all volunteers. Each is assigned an area and then the work is done between 9:00 and 12:00.  The […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Belt Sander Races

There is a saying around town that we now know things are getting back to normal after Hurricane Harvey. Evidence of regular is as follows: The popcorn machine and coffee pot are back in operation at the ACE Hardware store. The lights at Alister and Avenue C are now working. The Belt Sander Races are […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Wooden Boat Festival

This weekend is the Wooden Boat Festival. The business is all things wooden and boats. I started taking photos on Friday so that you would be able to see the progress of the family boat builders. These folks are building an entire boat over the weekend. Here we are on Friday at the boat building tent. […]

Views of the Neighborhood

Here are a few photos that should serve as a catch-up kind of post. The reason this situation has occurred is my Producer is out of town for puppy pick up duty. Usually, she has investigated what is going on in Port Aransas and sets up the shooting schedule. Well left to my own devices you […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Galveston Book Festival

Yesterday I was in Galveston for their Book Festival. I had to drive 41/2 hours. Such is the life of an Island dweller. Everything is hours away. It was two lane road the whole way. This garbage truck in front of me was my best friend for twenty miles. He kept me from exceeding the speed […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Spring Break II

Here is a shot of a foggy Saturday morning. A few cars and campers. This is looking North. Another Saturday morning shot looking South. The same shot looking North in the afternoon South. The cars are two deep as far as the eye can see. Down at the sand level, we have the Game Warden […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Spring Break

Walking the pups on Saturday, it looked like the day was going to be overcast. Secretly I was hoping the fog would stay since it is spring break time. Well, no such luck. As you can see the first day of spring break was beautiful. Kites in the sky told me there were people on the […]