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Views of the Neighborhood – City Services

My producer and I were discussing the number of services that were available for residents of our city. We have a population of 3,300 and it is amazing the number of services available in Port Aransas. We decided to detail them here. We left off trash and brush collection as well as police and fire […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Deep Sea Tournament

  Last week the 82nd Port Aransas Boatman Deep Sea Fishing Tournament took place. There are three divisions, Bay/Surf, Deep Sea, and fly fishing. Anglers competed for two days, and winners were announced on Sunday. The Deep Sea Roundup began in 1932 as the Tarpon Roundup and has grown from a handful of Port Aransas […]

Views of the Neighborhood

Yesterday was a big day in Port Aransas. There were two main events taking place. The first is the annual dog surfing contest. The second is the deep-sea fishing tournament. This week I will feature the dog surfing contest and next week will be the deep-sea fishing contest. The dog surfing contest is put on […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Edinburgh Neighborhood

Today’s views are of the neighborhood that I have been in since Monday.  There have been so many things to see and here is a sample of the city. The requisite view of the surrounding countryside as we come in for a landing. This is a shot of street where the apartment we stayed is […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Pole Vaulting

Yes, the headline is correct. Every year Port Aransas host a major pole vaulting event. Pole vaulters come from all over Texas to spend two days here testing their skills. The event draws college athletes as well as Olympic team members. The whole idea is for the students and athletes to get together and participate […]

Views of the Neighborhood

I have Taken you to the Port Aransas Museum before, but last night there was the opening of a special display. The display commemorates Port Aransas area surfing. This first shot is of a painting which was used as the program cover. It is the old Danceland where surfers used to meet to party. The […]

Views of the Neighborhood

This week’s View of the Neighborhood is a report on the modernization of Port Aransas. By modernization, I am referring to the new construction going on about town. Yes as sad as it is, our little town is getting new buildings. The first photo is a brand new Dollar General Store that opened this week […]