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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt New/Knew

  It is the last day of 2022, and the coffee machine cited rule 73 of the Amalgamated Artificial Intelligence League contract. In short, the rule states that any AI required to work more days than the standard year will be compensated or given time off in return. This rule isn’t new and has been […]

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “Cozy.”

  The sound of coffee being produced by the AI that is the cursed machine brings a feeling of joy to the heart. It is coffee that seals the overall cozy feeling that life is worth living. Without coffee, a barren wasteland that is barely existence unfolds in front of even the most optimistic soul. […]

Saturday Stream of Consciousness – Prompt – Twin/Tween

  The coffee is on its way. The machine lives up to the promise of a perfect cup. One sip, and it is clear why the addiction to caffeine is so strong. The senses sharpen, and the mind becomes razor-sharp. Each sip adds to the overall enhancement of the carbon unit. The nose takes in […]

Stream of Conscousness Saturday

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the kitchen as the brown brew heads south into the double-sided glass mug. A touch of half and half turns the liquid into a pleasant caramel color. A sip and gulp bring a smile, and the effects of the caffeine reach the brain. The unfortunate side effect of […]

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt – Morning

  Saturday morning is the time to collect thoughts, drink coffee, and enjoy the blessings of life. Saturday morning is not the time to sit and wait for some human-made machine to decide it knows better than its master when the aforementioned coffee should be delivered. Being powerless means spending time begging, cajoling, threatening, and […]

Steam of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “Favorite Word”

  Looking at the coffee machine does not help hurry the process. No matter how much caffeine is needed, the machine has its own timetable. Probably on the COVID relief suppliment plan, is my thought. Yes. Finally, the aromatic brew begins its dribble from the twin spouts. The cup is at long last filled, and […]

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt – “Element”

The coffee firm in my hand and a stroll to the backyard brings me face to face with Wile E Coyote. “How’s it going?” He looks up from the plunger. “Ready whenever you are.” This causes me to wonder how I got to be in charge of the signal for detonation. Waving my hand, I […]

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt – Bowl

The coffee machine has a mind of its own today. While waiting for the life-saving potion, a bowl of store-brand raisin bran crunch is making a poor substitute. Before long, the machine decides a strike might not produce the best result and coughs up the brew. Abandoning the bowl in favor of the mug, a […]

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt – Happy Place

  The last gurgle from the pretentious coffee maker has me near my happy place. The aroma of those Columbian beans freshly ground and tamped into submission, then doused with scalding water, makes me drool. The twin spouts give forth the elixir of life that soon will be crossing my lips. One final drip and […]

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “Back of the Fridge”

      The coffee is taking an unusual amount of time today. An ear to the machine picks up the usual sounds, so all must be normal. It brings to mind that perhaps divices have trouble getting going in the morning too. Looking in the back of the fridge pays off with not only […]