Rescue is as Rescue Does

Today’s post is a little different in that I normally write about authors and fiction, but am creating a little scenario that I wish could happen.  As background; my wife volunteers for the San Antonio Chapter of Austin Boxer Rescue. This organization rescues unwanted and usually abused Boxers from being euthanized and finds them new homes. Sometimes the dogs are in such bad shape they do not survive, in spite of, massive efforts by veterinarians, care givers and foster parents. Yesterday, a rescue named Jackpot succumbed to the neglect of his owners before he could be permanently placed. The two letters that follow are fiction, but represent what I wish could take place. If you want to find out more about ABR here is a link to the website:  and Facebook: www.facebook,com/AustinBoxerRescue?fref=ts

San Antonio SAMS ministry Shelter

February 1, 2013

Dear Jackpot,

I am having the nice case worker here write this letter since you probably don’t know I can’t read or write. She is also helping with some of the words so if this doesn’t sound like me you will understand.

Your mom and I finally found a place to live in San Antonio. We were sorry that the authorities decided that we were no longer fit to keep you, and took you from us. I know it must be hard living with others, but I hope you know that if it was our decision, you would be still with us. It was a terrible thing to have people come into our home and rip you away, but I understand your foster home is pretty nice and the people seemed real dedicated to your welfare. Anyway, this is just a temporary setback and we will get together again I am sure.

This place is real nice.  The people are kind and at least we are warm and have something to eat. Speaking of that, you sure looked a little thin the last time I saw you. Are you getting something to eat there? I know mom and I sometimes forgot to give you food, but since you are pretty young, I don’t think it will matter. Do you have a yard to play in? Ours was so small we had to keep you on a chain and I am sorry about not letting you in the house. Mom couldn’t stand the smell that dogs have so I know you will understand.  Do they let you come in there?

Let us know how you are.

Poppy and Mommy

Austin Boxer Rescue San Antonio

February 10, 2013

Dear Poppy and Mommy,

I also have someone writing this letter to you. She is my foster mom and if I don’t sound like myself it is because I am not.

I wanted to send you a note immediately when I got yours, but I have been having a little difficulty keeping my thoughts together. I think I can now respond to your letter and to the life I had while I was with you. It has taken the kind of care that I have received since I arrived here, to make me realize that I was not responsible for how you and mommy treated me.

My foster mom actually touches me in a loving way. I was scared at first because when she reached for me I thought she was going to hit me like I have become accustomed to with you. I jerked away from her. She did not choke me with a chain or wire, and tie me on the tree in the backyard. She calmly talked to me and then gave me a bath. She started crying when she saw the extent of my neglect and the love for her swelled within me. It was the same kind of love I had for you when I first came to be with you.

I have been given food and medical treatment and a place to sleep on a soft cushion in the master’s bedroom. I never realized that food is something that needs to be eaten every day. The pain in my stomach has finally gone away and I can eat without getting sick.  I don’t know why I thought you and Mommy cared for me and why I continued to care for you. Besides the chain and lack of food, you never played ball or catch and we never laughed and jumped. I wish right now I could do more, but I am still too sick to really play with my new family although they ask me.

As far as coming back to you; my foster mom tells me that will never happen. I am now being prepared to be adopted into my forever home and as soon as I am healthy enough I will go there. I can’t help but feel relief that I won’t have to face the pain again.

I am glad you and mom have food and a warm place. This is the first time I can say the same about me. I need to go now as there are some more tests that need to be done and my foster mom needs to take me to the vet. I cannot ever remember going to the vet with you. Maybe my memory is fading.



This is Jackpot’s foster mom:

Jackpot’s troubles are over. Tonight he went over the rainbow bridge after suffering cardiac arrest. His heart muscle was weakened by starvation and neglect. He was surrounded by loving and caring people who were saddened by his passing. The one good aspect; Jackpot’s last days were spent experiencing love, comfort and caring. It is too bad that they were so few. You should be forgiven for treating Jackpot as poorly as you did, but this is why I am not a god. I don’t have the heart to do so. I can hope you never are blessed with another dog. You have abused the privilege.

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