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Friends of #FurkidFriday – Twiggy and Lucy Visit Lilie the Westie at Victoria and Kelly Zigler’s Blog

  Today Lilie the Westie is hosting an interview with Lucy and Twiggy at Tori Zigler’s blog. Here is the link https://ziglernews.blogspot.com/2019/12/friends-of-furkidfriday-lucy-and-twiggy.html As you may know, Victoria is a prolific writer and lover of animals. Here is her profile Victoria/Tori My name is Victoria, but most of my friends and family call me Tori. Feel […]

Happy is as Happy Does

Wednesday arrives and with it some nice news about one of my fur family members. All our pets are rescues and in one way or another found us as caregivers. Our Boxer came to us through the Austin Boxer Rescue organization where my wife was volunteering as a foster mom. Her name is Lucy and […]

Lucy is as Lucy Does

I wrote this poem a while ago when we rescued our Boxer named Lucy. She had been run over by a car and needed tender care. Today she is a happy, healthy, joy filled dog. She loves life and humans and I have always wondered why someone would turn her loose. So this poem is […]

Rescue is as Rescue Does

Today’s post is a little different in that I normally write about authors and fiction, but am creating a little scenario that I wish could happen.  As background; my wife volunteers for the San Antonio Chapter of Austin Boxer Rescue. This organization rescues unwanted and usually abused Boxers from being euthanized and finds them new […]