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Gift List Is as Gift List Does

Friday is upon us once more. The way these days rush by, before we know it, we will be faced with a very few shopping days left until Christmas. I don’t know about you, but I have yet to get moving on the gift hunt. I don’t know if the year moved so fast I […]

Friday Catcher is as Friday Catcher Does

Friday at last. Last week I published a story about the Friday Catcher. You can read it here: A few comments lead me to come back to the story since none of us could figure out where time goes. Last Friday’s story had a character’s wife calling on Wednesday to find out where her […]

Thanksgiving Eve is as Thanksgiving Eve Does

Wednesday seems to come quicker every week. I guess that is a good thing considering it is the first time in the week we think about being able to make the weekend. This week is kind of special in it is Thanksgiving Eve. I’m not sure anyone really thinks of a particular day in this […]

The Paperbook Collective is as The Paperbook Collective Does

  The Paperbook Collective has published its fourth issue and I am very honored to have a piece titled: The Story included.  It begins on page thirteen and is a view of writing I think a few of us hold. This Issue has a number of wonderful submissions so go here and have a look. Don’t forget […]

Wednesday is as Wednesday Does

Wednesday is upon us again. The mid-week always gets me into a mood to do something different. This week is no exception. I thought it would be fun to think of some new pitches for possible query letters on some very popular Favorite Fiction. The way this will be done is to take a book […]

Prompt is as Prompt Does – Community Story Board

It’s Sunday, and time once again for the Weekly Prompt at The Community Story Board.  Go here for details This week is to  see what everyone can do with the word “Yesterday …” Interpret it as you will, but the word yesterday must appear somewhere in your work, be it the title or in the middle of a sentence. Write […]

End of the Week is as End of the Week Does

Friday again. Man how the week goes by. I spent most of it editing my next book and I must say I like this one. I know you would like to agree with me, but it’s going to be a while till I get the thing out the door. Besides the fact that you will […]

Dream is as Dream Does

I have always been fascinated by the power of dreams. Many of my short stories deal with the idea that the dream takes on very realistic attributes. Sometime we are not sure if it was real or not. This little poem attempts to capture the feeling. I hope you like it.   The Dream Conundrum by […]

Clumsy Dialog is as Clumsy Dialog Does

I did a post last week on Fiction Favorites titled Dialog is as Dialog Does where I attempted to demonstrate some of the principles necessary for good dialog. The piece is a bit of flash fiction that contained only dialog and really no context with the idea  that the reader could figure out the story with […]

Dialog is as Dialog Does

  There is a Winter Texan writing group in which I have the pleasure of  participation. This group meets during the months of December through March ( all go back up north) and each week we would do a writing prompt. Most of the prompts are flash fiction and carry a theme. The one below was to be less […]