My GRL Blog Tour Volunteer Recognition – Rosie Amber


Rosie Amber – An English Author Who supports other Writers and who also Writes Book Reviews


Rosie Amber is an amazing person. She has so much going on it makes one tired just reading the various tabs on her blog site titled simply Rosie Amber. I thought I would quickly read about the books she has reviewed. I went to her Books I Have Reviewed tab and I thought I would see a few. There have to be over fifty on the list which is a testimony to Rosie’s dedication to reading.

Another surprising tab is the number and quality of guest authors listed under the Guest Author tab. Looking at Books Reviewed, Guest Author and the fact that Rosie makes a review submission form available on her blog, means she cares about books and authors. This is one friendly place to spend a few minutes.


For those of you who have followed Rosie know she is very concerned with propagating a sense of good deeds by leading with example. She began her My Year of Doing Good Deeds in 2013 and has carried it over to 2014. This is a personal commitment by Rosie to herself to be accountable to her for meeting the challenge of recording a year of doing good deeds. Trust me, some of her good deeds are directed to the benefit of authors. Her support of My GRL is one example and one which is meaningful to me. I think this is the essence of her good deeds. They are meaningful to others.

Rosie is also an author. Her Talk of the Playground is available on Amazon. You’ll meet Glenda Glossop and read all the antics of Moortulk primary school.


The rest of the tabs on her blog show Rosie’s spirit of rewarding others. Her Romancing September Across the World Tour and 24 Sleeps Til Christmas gives her readers an opportunity to participate either through some fabulous interviews with romance authors or opportunity to win books.


This year she has opened the A to Z challenge to authors who want to publicize their book. It is real simple, just let Rosie know you want your book to occupy a letter of the alphabet (title). I can see she is quickly running out of letters, so go HERE and sign up before it is too late.

Finally you will want to follow Rosie on Twitter. Here is her handle. Go give her a tweet and say Hi for me. Thank you Rosie for helping support the launch of My GRL


  1. Oh Wow, John, I truly didn’t expect this, it really does make me feel appreciated, I think I’ll reblog this.


    1. Aw….it is all true


  2. […] My GRL Blog Tour Volunteer Recognition – Rosie Amber. […]


  3. I agree with you. She is a very good hearted and energetic Blogger, and what you have said about her here is both true, and a testament to your own good nature: very nice all round


    1. Thank you for the lovely comment.


  4. Yay rosie! One of my very favourite people!


  5. Great post and we wholeheartedly agree that Rosie is a true champion in all respects. Having met her on last year’s A – Z Blogging Challenge she has given us nothing but support all the way. I think us authors are extremely lucky to know her!


    1. I agree. Thanks for the comment.


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