The Paul Mallory Series by Stephen C. Spencer

Rosie Amber is asking we all get behind Paul Mallory in his time of need. Sean Campbell’s blog carries news of the campaign. It is found in Rosie’s post, but here it is as well: 90 Days Novel

Rosie Amber

Operation Mallory was set up to help a fellow author, Stephen C. Spencer has written some great books, but Steve also has cancer. He’s suffered with a brain tumour for a while, and kept it pretty quiet. The observant among you will notice he stopped blogging and tweeting.

All the authors who follow this blog will appreciate how hard it is getting your book noticed. If you can’t promote, then your books go unseen and unloved. For someone in the USA (where medical treatment isn’t paid for by the state), this is a double whammy. You lose income while incurring huge unexpected bills.

So I’m helping spread the word, here is a link to Sean Campbell’s blog where news of the campaign can be found 90 Days Novel. Please help all you can with re-blog, tweet etc.

Here’s a bit more about Steve’s books

Dubbed “America’s James Bond”, Paul Mallory…

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  1. Many thanks for reblogging this John. I’ve linked back to you in the acknowledgements section my own Operation Mallory blog post.



    1. My pleasure and thank you


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