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Just a reminder that the Google Plus live interview with Sally Ember Ed.D will be tomorrow from 10:00 to 11:00 AM EST. Here are all the details:

Welcome to Episode 14 of *CHANGES* G+ HOA with author, John W. Howell, who writes thrillers. Join host, Sally Ember, Ed.D., LIVE, conversing with John on Wednesday, December 3, 10 – 11 AM Eastern Time USA, or catch our conversation any time on YouTube:

It should be a good exchange since this is the first time Sally has interviewed a thriller author. I think that’s okay because this will be the first time I’ve been interviewed by a doctor who hasn’t billed Medicare. Should be a good time for all who attend. If you can’t make it you can visit YouTube anytime after.

Please visit Sally’s The Spanners Series at for a complete listing of all the links and her blog at

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  1. Thanks for your great support of my show, *CHANGES*, and excellent promotion methods, John! You get the title (so far) for being the “Best Promotional Guest”!
    I’ll have to think of an award….
    See you tomorrow!


    1. No award necessary. The appearance is enough. See you au domain.

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  2. Reblogged this on Sally Ember, Ed.D. and commented:
    Be there to interact with us LIVE 10 – 11 AM EST USA or watch another time on YouTube:


  3. I am really looking forward to this, John. Hopefully I can catch it live.


    1. Would be nice knowing you are there. (No chortling)


      1. I would never laugh, John. You will be dashing and erudite, as always.

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