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Top Ten Things Not to do at a School Reunion

  This post was originally run on July 6th, 2015. Since several reunions are going on this summer, I thought you would enjoy it again.   Top Ten Things Not to do at a School Reunion 10 If you attend a school reunion, do not pose for photos that you don’t know where they will […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Deer Check

Today we are going to take a drive and check on the deer. There have been some new additions to the herd, and we ought to go out and introduce ourselves. We are being catered by Perlas of Austin. Our entertainment is Taylor Swift. Here is the brunch menu. Bread Pudding Banana’s Foster CremeFraiche, Ru […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do While Visiting a Bar

    This post was originally run on May 25th, 2015. It was a cautionary prescription before the Memorial Day holiday Ten Things Not to do While Visiting a Bar 10 If you are visiting a bar, do not stand too close to someone expecting them to talk to you. If you do, at best, […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Something New in the Yard

“What the heck is that? Hey Lucy. You see this thing in the tree?” “Lucy? You on the chaise?” “Okay, this is not funny. LUCY.” “There you are. I’ve been looking all over for you.” “I was on the other side, Little One.” “Come over here. I have to show you something.” “Man, you move […]

Friday JohnKu – AKA – TGIF

  Another fast-flying week. I have to wonder if it is just me,, or is the calendar out of control? Reminds me of those old movies where the pages fly off a calendar to show time passing. I personally would like time to take a break and not be in such a hurry to pass […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and Lucy and Sunscreen

“Hey, Lucy. Don’t forget the sunscreen.” “Coming Little One.” “I don’t see a lot of sun out here, Twiggy.” “You have to look for it.” “Look for it? If it isn’t in the sky, where  would it be?” “Not behind the chaise, I can tell you.” “I’m not sure, but I think you might be […]

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt – Oop

It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday,, and I started walking to the store when a letter came floating down and landed with a soft swoop sound on my sidewalk. I noticed the return address had Linda Hill’s name,, so I scooped it up and opened it immediately. To my surprise, it contained the following prompt. […]

Thursday – Anything possible – Lucy and Twiggy Mellow Harsh

We going to do this, Little One?” “Sure, why not?” “Okay, Lucy. I guess we need to lay out the field.” “The field? What do you mean?” “You know. Get the lime. Layout the boundaries. Set the goals.” “Oh, blech. Can we just skip all that?” “We can, but it won’t be much of a […]

Views of the Neighborhood – In Search of Easter

Welcome to Easter Sunday in the neighborhood. We are going to go out and see if we can find Easter decorations. Today we have catered a brunch from Juniper in Austin. You can choose one or sample everything. We also have Brad Paisley for your entertainment.   BRUNCH PRIX FIXE- FOR THE TABLE prosciutto di […]

Friday JohnKu – AKA – TGIF

  Here we are on Friday again. I guess we all are glad the weekend is here. I have to join Twiggy in her celebrations since every day is pretty much like the other. (being retired and all.) Not much excitement around here. I have noticed on the news there is a little more action […]