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Top Ten Things Not to Expect on an Island

  The inspiration for this list came from listening to comments made by some of the over 100,000 visitors to our island over the weekend.  If you plan on visiting an island at least you have been warned. 10 On an island, do not expect the internet to work all day. If you do, at […]

Views of the Neighborhood

Last week I ran a preview to the Texas SandFest and promised more pictures this week. I have to provide a little disclaimer. Since my deadline for posting for Sunday is Saturday, I had to be satisfied with the sculptures state of readiness.  The artists have until Sunday noon to finish their work for judging. You […]

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “Spell”

  Come and sit for a spell. It is Steam of Consciousness Saturday time again and this week’s prompt is “Spell.” Linda Hill is allowing bonus points if the first sentence of the post has the word “spell” in it.(Nailed it) Otherwise, we can use the word any way we want. If you would like […]

Friday JohnKu – AKA -TGIF

  Friday is here and with it the promise of a couple of days of diversion from real life. This week has been one of catching up.  A number of things that have been in the category of “nice to have finished.” What I mean is they are the items that are not crucial to […]

Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

  It is Wednesday Storytime again, and last week we left Mrs. Murphy and the Sheriff (Seth) talking about Lucas’ dead parents. It seems the sheriff did a background check on Lucas and there was no record. The sheriff did find out Lucas’ parents were killed. I think we need to go back and finish […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do In Front of Your Boss

  The inspiration for this list came in a discussion with Teagan Geneviene on the ridiculousness of some policies that have been created by bosses. It came to me then to develop a list of things not to let a boss see you do since it could result in a new policy. Top Ten Things Not to Do […]

Views of the Neighborhood

Next week is SandFest which is a big event here in Port Aransas. The event’s mission is to raise money for local charities. Founded in 1997, Texas SandFest is a three-day event that attracts sand sculptors from around the globe. The event is the largest sand sculpting fest and competition in the nation and brings over […]