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Views of the Neighborhood – When It’s Hot

There is nothing like Summer in South Texas. The above heat index map was from yesterday at 11:30 AM. We live under the right side of the  0 in the number 103 F. (That’s 39.444 degrees C) The forecasted high could go to 110. So what does one do to beat the heat around here? […]

Friday – JohnKu – AKA – TGIF

    Friday is here, and for all who must carry the yoke of employment, there are only about eight hours in this work week. Since you have come this far, you can certainly make it to the finish. At least it is hoped. I made some progress on the WIP which is always a […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Leash Time

“Hey, you two. Time to rise and shine.” “Wha— Ah Boss. Whats going on?” “Yeah, dad. Today was supposed to be a sleep all day day.” “It is official it is Twiggy tries out a leash day.” “Lucy you and Bailey are going on your walk with Mom as usual. Twiggy, you stay with me.” […]

Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

  It is Wednesday Story Day again, and last week we became aware that the computer files on the Sandusky case at the medical examiner’s office had been deleted. Andrew, the former M. E., suggested that a forensic team try to recover the file. Larry, the detective, thought that was a great idea and realized […]

Tuesday – Anything Possible – Kreative Kue #183 by Keith Channing

In Keith’s words. “Using this photo as inspiration, (Below) write a short story, flash fiction, scene, poem; anything, really; even just a caption for the photograph. Either put it (or a link to it) in a comment or email it to me at keithchanning@gmail.com before 6pm next Sunday (if you aren’t sure what the time is […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do When You Have a Sitter

  The inspiration for this list was a discussion about Alexa and what would happen if one asked Alexa remotely to turn on the lights and music while a sitter was in the house. That was just the priming of the pump I needed to develop Ten Things. 10 If you have a sitter, do […]

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt – Any Three Letter Word

  Duh. It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday and this weeks prompt is “Any Three Letter Word.” Linda Hill says we can use any three-letter word. Also, extra credit is available if the start of the post (nailed it) and the end of the post is a three-letter word. If you would like to tease your […]

Friday JohnKu- AKA – TGIF

    Another work week into history. I hope yours was full of the accomplishments you laid out for yourself before its beginning. I have slowly returned to working on the WIP. My daughter was visiting for the  Fourth of July holiday, and I didn’t get much writing done while she was here. I managed […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy Continues Learning

“Hi, Bailey. What’s going on?” “Hi, Pops. I was just wondering what Lucy and Twiggy are up to out there.” “From here it looks like they are talking.” “Talking? What about?” “Hard to say, Bailey. You know Lucy has taken her role as big sister seriously. Why don’t you join them and see what they […]

Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

  It is Wednesday Story Day again and last time (we skipped the last week for the Fourth of July) Andrew the M.E. and Larry the detective decided to head over to the M.E.’s office to check on the report Andrew says he wrote up on Sandusky’s death. Apparently, when Larry looked at the report […]