…terrific Guest Post piece from Author, John W. Howell…

Seumas Gallacher saw fit to allow me to guest post on his site. To be able to post on his blog is in my mind as if one is given permission to play at Carnegie Hall. Thank you, Seumas

Seumas Gallacher

…this delicious vignette from my good pal, Author, John W. Howell garnered First Prize at the Kurt Vonnegutfestival in 2013… have  a wee read and yeez’ll see why…

I want to thank Seumas for the opportunity to guest post here today. This story was entered in the Kurt Vonnegut festival in 2013 to celebrate the launch of So It Goes a tribute to Kurt Vonnegut published by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. The rules were to write a chapter from one of the fictional books written by Kilgore Trout the fictional author in many of Kurt’s books. I wrote the fifth Chapter of Kilgore’s book The First District Court of Thankyou. I hope you like it. Oh yes, I almost forgot it took first place.

a kurt vonnegut

The First District Court of Thankyou

A Novel by Kilgore Trout

Chapter Five: A House Within by John W. Howell ©2013

No sooner had Madame…

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  1. Very cool. Congrats.

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  2. Woo hoo. A.w.e.s.o.m.e. 🙂

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      1. You are welcome. ⭐

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