Wednesday Story Day – AKA- Hump Day

a maze


Wednesday Story Day again. Happy hump day and I hope the rest of the week goes like you want it to go. Last week we left Charlotte and Bob in Charlotte’s office. Charlotte just got off the phone with Melissa Bob’s mother and learned that Melissa has some information about Charlotte, which Charlotte doesn’t want others to know. Melissa more or less told Charlotte that helping Bob was quid pro quo for keeping her mouth shut. Let’s rejoin Charlotte and Bob and the point where Charlotte suggested starting to read the first chapter of My Struggles, which is Bob’s book.

“Okay, you want me to read it aloud to you?”

“I think that would be the best way Bob since your handwriting is something you can interpret more quickly than I.”

“Sounds good. Here I go. It was a dark and swarmey er stormy night when I was borned,”

“Excuse me Bob but that should be the word born. When I was born. For now, we’ll not go into the fact that was born is passive voice.”

“Born is present tense. I was not born today but twenty-five years in the past. Borned. What the heck is passive voice anyway?”

“Trust me Bob born is correct. Let’s move on. Passive voice is less preferred than active. You have a lot of passive voice and it slows the reader down.”

“Ahem, I don’t understand active voice. Let me continue reading. The nurse took my little hand that was brand new as was the rest of me and lifted me up from all the yucky stuff that usually comes with being borned.”

“Bob let me interrupt again. I love the idea of describing things as you go along. I think the reader would get you are a newborn given you are describing the night of your birth. You don’t have to say brand new and that ‘rest of me business.’ Also lifted is good enough. We will assume it is up.”

“Gee Charlotte you are picking my writing apart. I thought the idea of being new could be essential to what comes next.”

“Okay, Bob. What’s next?”

The nurse threw me into a sink filled with water and made me cry until my voice went hoarse.”

“How do you know she did this Bob and how do you know your voice went hoarse?”

“My mom told me.”

“Well, then we should add something like according to my mom. A baby doesn’t make a credible narrator.”

“Why not?”

“Cause babies can’t remember things like the first day.”

“I do.”

“You do what?”

“Remember being put into the sink.”

“Oh, my gosh. I need a drink.”

“Here’s some water.”


  1. I’ve met people who claim to have detailed memories of their birth. Never sure what to say about that.

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    1. Um. See a doctor?


      1. That’s what they claim they saw. 😛


  2. I want to smack Bob and join Charlotte for a drink. I hope that is keeping with your intentions John 🙂

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    1. Right spot on. Bob needs a smack

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  3. Have you created a character more dense than Frank?! I won’t be surprised if a murder occurs at some point in this story 😉

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    1. I was thinking of that possibility

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  4. When does “My Struggles” come out?

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    1. It has already been published.


  5. Murder and mayhem anyone? They’re only on page 1. This can only get bigger and “Here’s some water.”? Maybe someone should hit him over the head the the MS. 😀 😀 😀

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    1. Ha ha ah I like it.

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      1. Someone has to die and my gun’s pointing at… It’s not Charlotte, the poor woman. Give her a real drink. 😀

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      2. You have a permit for that thing?


      3. No, I found it in Charlotte’s bottom drawer, next to the mickey of vodka.

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  6. No something stronger than water… haha.

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    1. Yes. Gin maybe

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  7. Ah, Bob. Water will NOT suffice.

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  8. Wow… Bob is sonething else. Lol

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    1. Isn’t he though?


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