“What to do to Keep Writing Even if You Think You Don’t Feel Like Writing”: Guest Post by John Howell #Amwriting #author

Honored to be a guest of Sally Embers on her Blog today. She has a very interesting site.

Sally Ember, Ed.D.

Suffer from writer’s block (which today’s guest blogger declares NON-EXISTENT)? Lack inspiration? Find it difficult to keep to a schedule, a word count goal, a deadline?

One of my guests on CHANGES conversations between authors (see below for more info about our Episode), John Howell, offer tips, advice, humor and more to help you out of your slump! Welcome to my “Guest Bloggers Hall of Fame”, John!

“What to do to Keep Writing Even if You Think You Don’t Feel Like Writing”:
Guest Post by John Howell
#Amwriting #author

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I am very grateful for the guest spot on Sally Ember’s blog. Thank you, Sally, for having me today. I had originally wanted to do some humorous stuff about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

However, as I thought about being a guest of Sally Ember, Ed.D, I had some second thoughts. After…

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  1. That was a great advice post, John. The second one particularly. I nearly gave up writing the serials. At the end of the 3rd one (we’re on the 4th now) a favorite reader mentioned wishing i had punished the bad guys more (that wouldn’t have been in keeping with any part of the “spirit” of the story or what the characters would have done), i took that comment it in good sport. But with the one to encourage them, three others jumped on that band wagon, eager to agree with the popular person. They seemed downright blood thirsty… But of course some defended that the complaints were said amid compliments… Seriously? Please. I honestly wanted to shut my blog down. People just don’t think. (shrugs…) Finally i deleted those comments and kept going. Now i know to remove anything even partially negative before it starts a “trend.”

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    1. I know how your feel. I really don’t get the mob mentality. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Great advice, John. Thank you!! As one who struggles with time management, I especially need to take to heart your point to write first, then play!!

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    1. Well, it works for me.


  3. Good advice. There is ALWAYS something to write about.

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    1. Yes there is.


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