Thursday – A Little Personal

I shot the following photo on a bike ride Monday of this week. Typically I tell stories about the beach on Tuesday but I couldn’t resist taking a little detour here. In case you don’t recognize the object in the picture it is a life vest with the name Cubierta Skandinavian. Loosely translated the words mean Cover Skandiavian. I tried searching many boat name data bases, and this one doesn’t show up. I also searched drilling rigs off shore with no luck. So with nothing to go on I had to make up a story.

2015-06-07 09.35.17


Cubierta Skandinavian by John W. Howell © 2015

“So where you going?”

“I’m going for a swim.”

“You crazy? We are in the middle of the ocean.”

“Yeah I know. I thought I would tire this rope around my waist and let the ship tow me along. It will be like waterskiing.”

“This sounds dangerous. You know the water is thirty feet below right?”

“I used to be a high diver and went a lot higher than that distance.”

“You drunk?”

“No. Well, a little high why?”

“I wouldn’t do that without a life vest.”

“Great idea. Here is one. Look it has the name of the boat on it .”

“I still think you are nuts.”

“Okay, here I go.”

“See ya. Don’t forget to tie the knot.”

“The what?”

“The kn-. Aw, gee too late. Bon voyage.”


  1. That’s better than the dry facts about some clutz who tripped and spilled 30 misprinted life jackets into the drink, John, way better.

    1. I like yours better. I wish I had thought of that one

      1. Ha!! (Snorts with laughter.) Both are great. Hugs. 😀

  2. And he proudly own the Darwin Award that year.

    1. With oak leaf cluster

      1. All I keep thinking of is the boat engine. I have an urge to watch a James Bond movie or two now.

  3. I love what you do with what washes up on the beach, John.

  4. I’m hoping he shed the life vest and walked off with a couple of sea nymphs he met along the way.

  5. You bring a whole new meaning to tying the knot with this one. Nicely done sir.

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