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Thursday – A Little Personal – Bailey’s Lament

“Hi, Boss.” “Hi, Lucy. What’s happening?” “Do you think you could set that computer aside and take us to the beach?” “Sure thing. Is Bailey ready to go?” “Uh?” “Wait, what?” “Want to go to the beach?” “What about my nap?” “Brother. That would be the tenth nap today.” “Okay ladies, Let’s hit it.” “A […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Stella’s Lament

“Hello, John.” “Why hello Stella. Long time no talk.” “Do you have a minute?” “Sure. What’s up?” “You know I hate to complain.” “Uh. Okay.” “But things have gotten out of hand.” “Let me guess. Bailey and Lucy.” “Not so loud. I think Lucy is lying around over there.” “So what is the issue?” “First […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Bailey Deep Thoughts

“Uh, Hi dad. Where’s mom?” “Hi, ladies. Mom is shopping. Anything I can do to help you?” “Think he can help us? Bailey” “Think back to the last meal time, Lucy.” “Yeah, and how about the time you needed to go out?” “I remember the wait like it was yesterday. Wait, it was yesterday.” “And […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Bailey

  “Hello, reader.” “Hello, Bailey. Nice to see you.” “Can I confide in you for a minute?” “Why sure you can.” “The Boss is coming home tomorrow and I have some things on my chest that I need to confess.” “You can tell me.” “Lucy and I got on the bed while he was away.” […]

Thursday – A little Personal – Stella

  “Hello Reader.” Hello, Stella. What’s up? “You know John is out right?” “Yes, I know. Do you need something?” “Come in here and look at these two.” “Lucy and Bailey? Looks like they are playing.” Yeah, on my turf.” “This is my rug and my office.” “I thought it was John’s.” You are joking, […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy is Concerned

“Hi, Boss.” “Well, hello Lucy. How are you today?” “Pretty good boss but I have a question.” “I wonder if you could set that computer aside for a minute?” “Oh, sure, sweetheart.”   “Darn thing anyway.” “You had a question?” Yeah. Mom tells us you are heading overseas.” “Yes, that is true. I’ll be gone […]

Thursday- A Little Personal – Lucy Returns

“Hi, Boss.” “Oh, Hi Lucy. How are you doing?” “Just fine boss. You know Bailey, and I were thinking.” “Pretty dangerous stuff there, kiddo.” “Okay, I was just kidding. What is on your mind?” “You know when you are on the computer?” “Like now?” “Exactly.” “What about it?” “We have no one to play with.” […]