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Thursday – A Little Personal – Bailey Has a Question

“Hey, Pops.” “Hi, Bailey. Looks like you have a question.” “I do. Lucy and I need some information.” “Okay. I’ll try to help.” “What is that thing over there?” “That is a new waterer.” “Why do we need that?” “So mom and I don’t have to keep filling the bowl. Go try it.” “I’m not […]

Thursday – A little Personal – Daylight Savings Time

“Hey, Boss.” “Well, hello Lucy. You look like you have a problem.” “Well, I certainly do. What time is it anyway?” “It is ten minutes after four.” “You aren’t serious? It has to be after five. My stomach is telling me it’s after five.” “OMG. Best tell her about Daylight Savings Time, John.” “Thanks, Stella. I […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Stella Time

“Hi, John.” “Well, Hi, Stella. What you up to today?” “Nothing much. I just wanted to check and see what you were doing.” “I’m putting a finishing touch on a story for tomorrow.” “Isn’t tomorrow the  Thursday post, A Little personal?” “It sure is.” “Doing a feature on the canines?” “No. It is all about […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Play Outside

“So Stella, what are you doing behind that chair?” “Well. John, it’s like this. I can’t seem to find a place for a nap with those canines running around.” “Come out here. That’s no place to nap.” “Okay, John. I’m here.” “What is the problem?” “Whenever I try to lay down those oafs run over […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy Learns About Life

“Hey, Boss.” “Hi, Lucy. How are things? “I’m a little worried about Stella.” “Tell me.” “Well, I was going to chase her yesterday, and she wouldn’t take off.” “Ah. Yes, Stella has arthritis, and it is progressing.” “Arthur Ritis? Let me at the guy.” “It is not a guy, Lucy it is a condition that […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy’s Agenda

“Hey, Bailey. You hear anything?” “Like what?” “Listen upstairs. Something’s clomping around.” “I don’t hear anything? Hey, Pops you hear anything upstairs?” “I can’t hear anything from here. I’ll go check.” “Thanks, pops.” “Excuse me, Stella.” “Hold on, John. I’m just finishing breakfast.” “Okay. What can I do for you?” “Lucy said there was something […]

Little Personal – Rain Today

“Hey, John” “Yes, Stella.” “I think you better check on the canines. I hear rumbles in the hold.” “The hold?” “Downstairs. You sure miss the humor sometimes.” “Lucy, Stella tells me there is grumbling in the hold.” “The hold, Boss? What does that mean?” “Stella humor. Now, what’s up?” “We were going to go for […]