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Thursday – A Little Personal – New Stuff

“Let go, Lucy.” “You let go, Little Potato. Wait, what is that noise?” “Look,¬†Lucy. Some green stuff.” “It sure is Little one.” “OMG, Twiggy. There is a guy with a load of green stuff.” “Where, Lucy? I don’t see him.” “You have to look out the door again.” “Wow. Should I bark him back to […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and Lucy See Some Action

Lucy and Twiggy are blissfully unaware that a danger worse than thunder is about to invade their space. Lucy dreaming of the big hunt. Twiggy dreaming of the dinner dish. “Hey Tiggy get up. I heard the beating of an engine far off.” “I hear it, Lucy. Do you think it’s headed this way?” “Headed […]

Thursday A Little Personal – Happy Fourth of July

The pups, producer and I wish you all a Happy fourth of July. We also want to wish America a very Happy Birthday with many many more to come.    

Thursday – A Little Personal – Backyard Invasion

“Hey, Lucy. Get up. There’s a noise in the yard.” “Probably that squirrel again.” “No, I’m serious. Get up.” “Oh, my goodness. This better be good.” “What’s up, Ladies?” “Twiggy thinks she hears something.” “That’s good cause the sprinkler guys are here.” “Hey, Boss. I’m down here and don’t see a thing.” “Look harder. Here […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy the Cop.

“Oh my gosh, Lucy. I can see that mess from here.” “Mess what mess?” “On the rug. See those black spots?” “Uh. Where do you suppose they came from?” “You know darned well. They came off your feet.” “From that LaBria tar pit out back I’m thinking.” “I’m going to save you by staging a […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy’s Day Off

“Hey, Twiggy. What’s up? “It is Lucy’s day off, and she won’t play with me.” “Maybe I can talk to her.” “Oh, Dad, that would be swell.” “So, Lucy. I know it’s your day off but how about a game with Twiggy?” “Well, you see Boss. A day off means not playing with Twiggy.” “Maybe […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy Uses the Office

  “Hey, Lucy. You should come to dad’s office.” “Why? Little one.” “There are some stairs so we can get on the bench that’s there.” “Harrumph. Never met a bench I couldn’t jump up on.”   “But I can get up and look for deer.” “You better be careful, Little Potato. You know what Mom […]

Thursday – A Little Personal -Twiggy Has a Complaint

“Hey, Lucy come here.” “What’s the problem, Little Potato?” “Someone put a thingy over my window.” “So you can’t see out?” “Yeah. It looks like the window’s been frosted.” “I think it might be to save the baby deer from your barking.” “You’re kidding right?” “No. I heard The Boss talking to Mom. Looks like […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Twiggy Enjoy Freedom

“Hey, Lucy. There is a backyard out here.” “It’s been here the whole time, Little One.” “Lucy, look. There is a fence all around.” “I know. That is for your and my safety.” “Race you.” “OMG, you don’t stand a chance.” “Yeah? You are going down you big ole moose.” “Names won’t help you win, […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – More Changes

“Why is Mom and Dad’s bed all torn apart,¬†Lucy?” “I’m not sure Little one. Let me call Mom.” “Hey, Mom. What is going on here?” “See the rug, Lucy. We are getting our bed today, and it will go with it.” “By go, do you mean it’s leaving?” “Ha, haha. No, I meant it is […]