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Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy is Worried

“So Lucy. What’s going on?” “I’m a little worried, Boss.” “What about?” “Baily’s over there rolling around on the grass not paying attention.” “Paying attention to what?” “She’s supposed to be watching Twiggy.” “Now look. She is actually laying down.” “I’m sure everything is fine.” “You don’t understand the dangers, Boss. I’m going over there.” “Bailey. Get up.” […]

A little Personal – Lucy and Twiggy at Play

“So, Twiggy. You called?” “Yes, Dad I did. Lucy has my key chew toy and won’t let me have it.” “Well, Y’all know toys are to be shared so you two work it out.” “Well, I guess calling the boss didn’t do much good.” “I had to try. Are you going to share the keys […]

Thursday – A little personal – Twiggy, Lucy and Bailey Back in Action

“Hey, Lucy, Bailey, Twiggy bring it in.” “Wha’s the deal, Lucy.” “Beats me.” “Know what’s going on Bailey.” “Nope, I just come when I’m called.” “Uh, Bailey?” “Hold on Pops. I need a gulp here.” “Lucy, Twiggy?” “Yes, Boss. All ears.” “I can hear from here, Dad.” “Okay then. As you can see I’m back […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy Speaks

“Hello everyone. My name is Lucy and I have been selected by the canine team here at Fiction Favorites to come out before you. My purpose today is to let you know the boss is doing fine, but can’t crawl around with us capturing our latest activity. Since he feels the material should be current, […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy Needs Her Rest

“Hi, Lucy. Why so glum?” “Twiggy is under the sofa and won’t play with me.” “Oh, I’m sure she is resting or something.” “She says she is tired of playing” “Tired? What’s that about?” “We were running around pretty hard.” “Well, there you are. She is tired. Give her some time.” “You think so, Boss? I […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy’s Toy Basket

“Hey, Twiggy. What are we doing?” “Well, Dad. I’m not sure about you, but mom told me to pick up my toys.” “Did she mention you might need to get out of your basket to do that?” “Yes of course. I’m having trouble with motivation. This spring is sooo heavy.” “Well, I’ll leave you to […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Too Hot to Play Outside

“Hey, Bailey. Look at Lucy” “Yeah. Looks like she is up and at em today.” “Yeah, you two. It is too hot to play outside, so we have to think of things to do inside. “I’m already doing it. Laying on the couch.” “Come on Bailey you need the exercise.” “How about you Little Potato. […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Leash Time

“Hey, you two. Time to rise and shine.” “Wha— Ah Boss. Whats going on?” “Yeah, dad. Today was supposed to be a sleep all day day.” “It is official it is Twiggy tries out a leash day.” “Lucy you and Bailey are going on your walk with Mom as usual. Twiggy, you stay with me.” […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy Continues Learning

“Hi, Bailey. What’s going on?” “Hi, Pops. I was just wondering what Lucy and Twiggy are up to out there.” “From here it looks like they are talking.” “Talking? What about?” “Hard to say, Bailey. You know Lucy has taken her role as big sister seriously. Why don’t you join them and see what they […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Fourth of July – With Twiggy, Lucy, and Bailey

“Hey, you guys. Come to see this.” “What are we looking at, Little Stuff?” “That Red, White, and Blue thing.” “That’s our flag. Humans call it the Star Spangled Banner.” “Can I hold it? Or better yet, get my mouth on it?” “No Twiggy. This flag represents the land of the free. It is not for […]