Wednesday Story Day – AKA Hump Day


a manuscript

Wednesday story day time again. Last week we left Charlotte and Bob in the throes of starting over in their relationship. Bob declares he wants to be a writer and Charlotte confirms she was willing to teach. So I guess all will be good with these two. We should make sure by checking in to see where they go now that they are starting over.

“So I’m willing to start over. How about you Charlotte?”

“By starting over do you mean no more games like a manuscript that is in your head?”

“Yes, I promise. I have the manuscript written and need you to read and give me your opinion.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask the location of the manuscript.”

“I have a word doc. I will send it to you.”

“Okay, Bob. That sounds like a good idea. Once I get it why don’t you give me a couple of days to review it and then we can get back together.”

“Um. I was hoping you would start on it now.”

“I could do that if I had it.”

“Here I’m sending it to you now.”

“You’ll forgive me if I don’t rush right to my computer and start reading.”

“Why won’t you start reading?”

“I need some water and I’m afraid you have almost worn me out with the other stuff.”

“Okay, I just sent it.”

“Are you listening to me?”

“Yes. You said you needed a drink.”

“I think I need a rest from you.”

“Me? Why is that?”

“Bob. You may not realize this, but you are a lot of work.”

“You are right I don’t realize it.”

“So what about my need for a rest?”

“Okay you go lay down and I’ll be here when you rest up.”

“I need you to go away for a while Bob.”

“Go where?”

“To your home or where ever you go.”

“I don’t have a place to go.”

“What do you mean you don’t have a place?”

“My mom threw me out. All I have is my computer.”

“How long ago was this?”

“Maybe two months. I don’t know.”

“Where have you been staying?”

“Under the freeway with the other homeless people.”

“Oh, my gosh.”


  1. :O Surprised he’s kept that computer charged and in his possession. Love his reply to the ‘you don’t realize’ statement. Never heard that comeback before.

    1. To charge it he hung out at the library a lot. Bob is clueless and doesn’t realize how much work he is to others. Thanks

      1. Guessing he found a place for showers and laundry too. He does seem oblivious to his own effect on people.

  2. I can just hear Charlotte banging her head against the wall … 😉

    1. Hold on for more.

  3. OMG!! Please don’t have poor Charlotte take him in.” She’ll go mad.

    1. I think you are right.

  4. LOL… i have to agree with Sknicholls. I hope he doesn’t end up on Charlotte’s sofa or any of her other furniture. 😀
    John, that was a surprising turn in the plot. Well done. Hugs.

    1. Thank you Teagan.

  5. Poor Bob. But looking on the bright side, he’s probably got LOTS of tales to tell, right?? You know, I’m not sure Charlotte is the right editor for him. He sounds pretty needy, and I imagine she’s got a short fuse (understandable, after putting up with his mind games from before!!)

    1. Good point. Maybe I’ll kill her off.

      1. YES!! I do that, too, when characters become problematic! I dread the thought, though, of having folks look through my computer after I’m gone — what will they think when they see all those Google searches for “interesting ways to kill somebody,” ha!

  6. Please don’t allow Charlotte to feel sorry for him. He’ll be the death of her yet. 😀 😀

    1. He’s working her over alright.

      1. No wonder his mother showed him the door. 😀 😀

  7. Please don’t kick Bob while he’s down, John. He’s homeless?! He just looks better and better, doesn’t he? Come on Charlotte…

    1. I think you will find Bob doesn’t need protection.

      1. Trusting your vision. Enjoying the story.

  8. Bob doesn’t starve for his art…thanks to Charlotte. Maybe she should ‘dispose’ of him and take credit for the manuscript….

    1. OOOO good idea. If so you get the credit.

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