Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf

Here is this week’s photo.

2015-07-11 08.46.10


There are far fewer cars on the beach because this is not a holiday weekend. In fact the only folks on the beach were two dogs and their owners. You can see the dogs in the center of the photo. The yellow morning glories are out in full force. The footprints tell a tale of a number of visitors coupled with low tides and moderate wind..

Last week’s photo.

2015-07-04 08.28.14



  1. Does it get business during non-holiday summer days?

    1. A little until Labor Day. Mostly on weekends.

  2. It back! The serenity of the seashore.

    1. Yes. Lovely walk.

  3. I think I like the dogs better 🙂

  4. Back to a little peace and quiet.

  5. Big difference! I remember going to to beach there way back before so much development and loved the solitude. At least it is quiet most of the time for you. Love the yellow morning glories!

    1. Most of the time yes.

  6. Ah, this view is superb, John — MUCH better than having to share the waterfront with all those campers and such!

    1. Yes. I agree. Good riddance (until Friday that is)

  7. The view is much improved by the lack of cars and trucks. Wishing you a beautiful new week.

    1. Thank you and a beautiful one to you as well 🙂

    1. Hot in Corpus. Beach the usual 89. (seems cool)

  8. Is this just outside your complex?

    1. Yes. This is the dune walkover for the houses here.

      1. A prime spot for retirement!

  9. I can’t remember ever seeing cars parked on the beach, seems risky

    1. Very. but this is the way it is.

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