Sunday – Fifty -Two Views of the Gulf

Here is this week’s photo.

2015-07-22 08.54.01

As you can see the beach is completely deserted with is a surprise in that these are the last days before school starts. Looks like the beach goers have decided to make it a late day. You can see the marks made by an earth mover. I purposely did not include it in the shot since next Tuesday I have a couple of photos of the monsters.


Last week’s photo is not too different, but there are a few more people.

2015-07-18 08.35.36


  1. Oh… so it’s earth movers. I was wondering if the angle of light was somehow different and bringing out shadows that weren’t in the other shots… but it’s “tracks” (for lack of the proper word). lt’s still a contrast, an intriguing difference. Looking forward to seeing the “monsters.” Hugs

    1. Thanks, Teagan. They have been working the beach so much lately they have become a nuisance.

  2. Earth movers makes me think of mechanical earthworms or really large moles that have been tamed.

    1. Good visual. They seem to have a lot of gas in addition, given the noise.

      1. So definitely a mechanical earthworm. Suddenly I have this urge to watch Tremors and Terminator at the same time.

      2. With a DUNE chaser

      3. *coughs on the sand* Goes down smooth . . . like a gravel-based cocktail.

  3. The season is waning. I see but a couple of summer flowers. Into Indian Summer early, huh?

    1. Sometimes the glories are closed for some reason. Then you can’t see them in a photo. They are still there but asleep.

  4. It looks better without people.

    1. I have to agree. Thanks

  5. School is starting already? Great picture, John!

    1. August 2nd for some. Time flies. Thanks Jill

      1. Yes it does, John. Enjoy your day!

      2. Thanks. You as well.

  6. I like the beach when there’s nothing on it, save myself and the sea-birds.

    1. I certainly agree.

  7. I so love these shots of the beach, John! Perhaps this one was taken early, before the morning glories woke up??

    1. Yeah, it seems they are still in bed although it was taken at the same time as last week.

  8. I love the beach, especially early in the morning before anyone else is out. Earthmovers? What are they doing?

    1. Come back Tuesday and I’ll show you. They are grading the beach like it is a road.

      1. I’ll be there.

  9. Looks like time for a wonderful walk.

    1. So true. We don’t think enough about it when we are actually taking the walk.

      1. After all, your perspective as one regularly on the beach is different from we inland folks.

      2. *laughs* So right. Need to remind ourselves where we are.

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