Sunday – Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf


Here is this week’s photo. You can see the Gulf is very calm. There are hardly any waves. We have had a couple of days with winds below 5 MPH and coupled with the full moon the wave action is almost non-existent. The purple morning glories are pretty much spent but you can see some little splotches of yellow to the right. A few visitors to the beach and there are some tire tracks of one of our neighbors who is setting up by the water.

Last week’s photo

2015-07-22 08.54.01


  1. Do you ever have a morning that isn’t beautiful, John? Love it!

    1. Some are better than others, but you​ are right all in all pretty nice.

  2. Looks relaxing. Seems the changes from week to week are usually caused by humans.

    1. Yeah, there are a few of them. Nature is pretty constant.

      1. Not sure if I asked this long ago, but are you going to do a slideshow of these at the end?

      2. I will if I can figure it out by then.

      3. Use the ‘gallery’ option when putting pictures into a post. One of the organization formats is slideshow.

      4. Humm. Need to write this down, *looks around for an analog instrument​*

      5. The way I learned was by toying with a post and using the ‘Preview’ to see what everything did. So the post never went live.

      6. Another good idea. Thanks.

  3. This was the first thing saw in Twitter today. Perfect timing John. Are the cars gone by evening? I have this painful thought of walking out with that truck’s headlights blinding me.

    1. Most are gone. I’m not usually on the beach in the dark but I agree with you.

  4. The water really is a lot calmer than last week. I wondered if that was going to be you setting up on the beach when i saw the tracks. 😉 Wishing you a wonder-filled week. Hugs!

    1. Thanks Teagan. The same to you. I only set up when people visit.

  5. I’m loving this morning’s calm water, John. It just looks so peaceful and happy, compared to the churning going on last week!

    1. I agree. I love waves, but the calm is a nice change.

  6. Such a beautiful morning. Wish I was where I could step out on a lovely beach like this one.

    1. We get this every morning walking the dogs.

  7. Wow, I would have expected more people, considering it’s summer. But I’m sure it had to do with that blue moon that came knocking on Friday night. As always, love this photo series!

    1. In the morning folks are a little slow. The afternoon photo would show many more. Thanks Jack.

  8. A calm (or boring) day at the beach is still a GOOD day!

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