The Offer (TPL Story)

Although I’m a little late in this reblog I was honored to go with Professor V J Duke of The Punchy Lands to try and hoodwink Mr. Manahanny into selling his paper. All good fun and Thank you Professor for the opportunity.

The Punchy Lands!

TPLStoryPicThis following story took place before my adventures with King Arthur at his castle. The twirly fighting stuff and getting knocked out, I suppose. Mr. Howell and I went to see Mr. Manahanny. And this is what happened.


So, this professor went with John W. Howell to see Mr.Manahanny. You know, the chap that runs Archiving News and is always trying to buy PT News.

I took John, see, ’cause he is trained on the witty and caustic comeback that might prove to be useful. Now here’s the thing: Mr. Manahanny is too arrogant for his own good and this arrogance is costing him money, so this professor decided to offer a buyout arrangement for Archiving News before it is driven out of business by the Manahanny arrogance. I thought it kind of me, see.

I called Mr. Manahanny to get an appointment but the person on the…

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  1. How fun! Perfect for a Friday. Hugs

    1. I totally forgot to post this last Saturday. My bad.

  2. Ah, it was great having you. And we must have you again, I say.

    1. Yesith I sayith tooith.

    1. Thanks. I wish you would open your comments section again. The hell with the detractors. Those who love you can drown them out.

      1. I will. Tomorrow, okay. *strict solid shoulders ahead* Thank you, Butch. You’re right.

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